The Wishing Star

I’ve joined many swaps before, and I want to have a place to share some of the commonly asked questions when swapping, along with some of the items that I would love to receive, from swap or not!


  • I love red.  But anything in the red family is game.  I also really like autumn colors.
  • Lately I’ve been drawn to silvery gray color as well.  I’ve seen a purple gray a little while ago and was totally in love.
  • When it comes to fiber, I really like solid, semi-solid, tone on tone, and self striping.  I like the way a varigated yarn look when skeined, but I know I probably won’t like it knitted up.
  • Colors I don’t really like – neon anything, unless it’s for babysquared.  She used to sport a pair of Nike neon orange kicks and they looked awesome on her, but when you are a baby, you get away with anything!  Jewel tone isn’t my favorite, although in the right color combo, my arms can be twisted.
  • Colors I don’t really like #2 – pastels.  It reminds me of easter and too baby-y.  I do, however, like very very pale colors…  It’s like beyond pastels.  Hard to explain.  If I find anything that I can capture on pictures, I’ll update this.
  • I also have an unusual affection for teals.  I know, totally in the jewel tone family, but I like teal by itself.  Not with any other color mix.
  • Yellow doesn’t really look good on me.  It can be an accent color, but probably not the main color.
  • Gradients.  They are amazing.


  • Some of the yarn that I would like to try are:  Madelientosh heavier weights such as Vintage, , Sundara anything, and anything by a indy fiber artist.  I don’t own anything self-striping, so that would be totally awesome too, especially if they are in heavier weights than sock!
  • Some of the fiber that I would like to try are:  cormo, merino, alpaca, BFL, camel, and anything you think it’s a good fiber to spin.  I don’t have any particlar shop in mind, so suggestions are welcome.
  • I don’t have any allergies to any fibers.
  • I like all yarn weight – and don’t have any particulars on superwash or not.  However, lately I’ve been drawn to more of heavier weights yarn.
  • I don’t mind nylon in sock yarn but not a fan when they are in other yarn weight.
  • I like smooth yarn.
  • I collect sock minis (min 5g) and just started to collect worsted minis (min 10g)
  • I also would like to try Possum, Mink, Muskox, Guanaco and Vicuna, even if it is just a sample.


  • I love clover chibis.  I can never have enough…  then again, I misplace them all the time.
  • I love and need good measuring tape.  I love the cute ones, but so far I only have a black sheep one.  Plus they keep the daughter entertained.
  • I love clever row counters.
  • One can never have enough cute stitch markers!  Someone I know pointed out this set to me and I really would love to have it!
  • I can always use more KnitPicks or Knitter’s Pride tip sets, especially size 4 – 8.  I need a pair of US 10.75 (7.00mm).  Would love to try karbonz tips.
  • And more 24″ or 32″ cords too for my interchangable set.
  • I don’t use straights or dpns, nor do I use cable needles.
  • I want a good set of crochet hooks, something easier on the hand.  I tried Clover Soft Touch crochet hook and really liked them.  I heard the Addi’s swing hooks are great also, but haven’t tried them yet.


  • I LOOOOVE marshmellows.  Especially those gourmet ones!  The first time I had one was from my hot cocoa swappee.  She handmade me a dozen and they were amazing!
  • I LOOOOVE handmade sweets or cookies.  There are some interesting flavor combo I would love to try that are listed on my etsy fav.
  • I really like a good shortbread cookies or French macarons.
  • I used to drink a lot of hot chocolate before I was pregnant with babysquared.  I like them strong, but not too crazy with raspberry or orange flavors.  I do like flavors like hazelnut, caramels or mint.  I also don’t like the extra dark kind.  Too bitter.  My new found fav are Stephen’s Gourmet Candycane Hot Cocoa mix and the Mexican hot chocolate.  I also like Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity in NYC.
  • Which leads me to my chocolate choices…  I really like milk chocolate, and I can even do white chocolate (although it really isn’t chocolate!), medium dark is also ok (less than 60%) but I don’t really like the dark variety.  Flavor choices are same as my hot chocolate choices.  Couple of my favorite brands are Chocolove and Vosges, but I would love to try some local chocolate as well.
  • My favorite everyday candy bar is Twix.  I also like smarties and honey straws.
  • I’m a tea drinker.  I love good loose leaf tea, although tea bags are okay if they are from the good loose leaf tea maker, such as Harney and Sons.  I don’t have any teavana near me, but I heard some really yummy tea combo from there before.  I mostly drink fruity tea, but I also love a good earl grey.
  • I like coffee but can’t really drink fully caffeinated ones.  Decaf and half caff is ok.  I like light to medium roast, and do not enjoy dark roast or anything labeled “extra bold”.  I have a Keurig machine so k-cups are awesome, but no cafe escape stuff or tea please.
  • I love maple anything, including my pork chop and my bacon.
  • I love good caramels, especially sea salted.
  • I love macadamia nuts!  All other nuts I can take it or leave it.  And I don’t usually like nuts in my baked goods.
  • I love mango, coconut, passionfruit and watermelon.
  • I’m always looking for new spice rubs and marinades for meats.  So any secret recipes are totally welcome!
  • And I don’t like raisins.  Oatmeal cookies are great, oatmeal raisin cookies are boooo…
  • I also don’t like licorice.
  • And no cherry flavors anything either.  Except in the chocolove chocolate bar!
  • Food allergy – nope, unless you are sending me shrimp, crab or lobster, otherwise you are ok.


  • Hands are 6″ around the widest part of my palm, 5.25″ around the wrist, 7″ from wrist to tip of middle finger, 5″ from wrist to my preferred fingerless mitt ending length
  • Size 6 shoe. Foot is 8″ around at ball of foot, 8.75″ long.
  • My head is 22″ around.  I like my hats to cover my ears though.
  • Dangle earrings about 2″ average length.  Bracelet around 6″ long.  Necklace around 18″ or longer.


  • I started doing Project Life this year.  I’m hopelessly behind, but it’s something I’m really passionate about – documenting life.  So anything PL related would be awesome.  It can be the journal cards, the date stamps, to the pocket pages, to Studio Calico PL kits.
  • I want to make this cross stitch pattern for DH, so I am actively looking for navy blue 14 count cloth.  Seems like only Aida is the most common, but would love evenweave more.
  • My daughter likes to open presents, so I love a swap package that includes a little something for her.  She loves Frozen, hello kitty, princesses, my little pony, Curious George, Daniel Tiger, Arther, Peg and Cat, Thomas the Train, Disney.  She’s a hot body so she doesn’t really like hats, but loves to wear gloves to play in the snow.  She saw the Swedish Fish fingerless mitts pattern on the KP catalog and absolutely loves it.  I have yet find the time or the patience to do colorwork!  Oh, and she likes M&Ms 🙂  It’s her special little treats for finishing all of her dinner!
  • I like pens that writes well and is fine point.  I recently had a sharpie pen and loved it.
  • I really want an antique locket so I can put pictures in.  And a sterling silver necklace (link chain please) with 3 penny size circle with letter S, V, and 3 stamped on them.  Like this one.  I like the dangled crystal color be citrine for S, emerald for V, and a mother of pearl for the number.  So I guess it would be easier for swap purpose to get 2 discs with the coordinated dangled charms with it.
  • In general, I love vintage items.  I like thrifting but don’t do enough of it.  You can see some styles of items I liked on my etsy fav.
  • My Ravelry pattern wishlist.
  • I have an Pinterest.  Most of the stuff are for ideas
  • I have an etsy favorite
  • I also have an Amazon wishlist that shows all the knitting books and some misc items I would love to have.  I prioritized the items I really really want to highest, then next tier to high, and the rest of the items are in default which is medium.
  • I also love fabrics. I collect various hello kitty fabrics to make a HK quilt eventually.  They don’t have to be large, can range from fat quarters to 1/2 yard.
  • I also started collecting Disney character fabrics.  I want to make two Disney autograph quilts for my two girls when we go on our Disney cruise.
  • I love baking.  I’m also looking for nice oven mitts that are modern, not country.  Cotton or linen kitchen towels in modern and clean prints are awesome as well.  I don’t have an apron, but would love to get a good, cute, modern one.  I have patterns to make a few myself but I haven’t gotten to it yet…
  • I like handcrafted soap, but they have to be with all natural ingredients.  I don’t like glycerin soap, even if it is derived from vegetable.  I have sensitive skin so oatmeal, honey, goats or sheep’s milk based soap are the best.  I find that castill based is also great.  I like naturally scented, meaning the ingredients scented the soap, no added fragrance oil.  A little essential oil is ok too.  I don’t mind if they have “texture” in them via the ingredients as they make great exfoliant.  I like citrus and woodsy scents, but light lavender is okay too.  I find bergamont to be my favorite, though it usually doesn’t come with soap!  I don’t really like strong scents in general and anything too floral.
  • I like handcrafted lotion, but again they have to be with all natural ingredients.  I don’t like my lotion to contain any alcohol since it tends to dry out my skin, which is the totally opposite of why I use lotion!  And I noticed a lot more with lotion than soap that they have more artificial ingredients that I can’t pronounce!  Although I don’t mind vitamins E, which is very scientific sounding, but I know what it is and it helps with my dry skin.
  • Speaking of scents, I don’t need any candles.
  • I don’t wear any make up.
  • I am currently collecting GC from Nancy’s Knit Knack so I can get the “Anything But Lazy Kate” for spinning.
  • GC to WEBS, knitpicks, my LYS Knit New Haven, panera bread, starbucks, target, joann fabrics, michaels are always welcome.
  • I have an unnatural love for piggies.  My new piggy fav is this flying pig bot!