Catching Up… Yet Again.

It’s been quite awhile.  This blog has been really quiet.  Mostly because I am busy with school and the Little Lady, but it doesn’t help when I am tired half of the time.  Why you asked?  Well…


Yup.  The Little Lady is going to be a big sister comes April next year!  I think the idea is finally sinking in for her.

So since September, besides mentally preparing to be a parent of TWO kids, lots had happened…  Let’s see:

  • I started and finished school!  I got an A- on Economics, and I am waiting for the other grade to come in, but I really don’t expect anything less than an A. 🙂
  • We went to the Big E, TWICE, and Quassy!  We actually got to go to Quassy for free! Of course, I cannot remember where we got the free passes now.  I think it might be Chips!  The Little Lady was a tall girl and was able to get on many of the rides on her own.  And!  I tried Fried Oreo for the first time!  It was really good!


  • Rhinebeck.  This year, our hat was based on the fiddle fern pattern.  But they were all heavily modified.  Mine was Christmas themed.


  • We experienced super storm Sandy.  We only lost power for about a day, compare to some other less fortunate folks.  We also have a generator so we were able to have some lights, watch tv and keep the fridge.
  • A week after the super storm Sandy, we had the not so little, but not so big snow storm.  Although I was in Houston for SWE Conference recruiting.  Aunt Jenny was super nice and watched the Little Lady when school closed, yet again, so David didn’t have to take another day off.


  • And because of the two storms, treat-or-trick was cancelled.  But no matter, there was a school parade and Sam got dressed up anyways.



Please excuse the hair.  Mommy wasn’t home to do it!

  • The Little Lady turned THREE!!!!!  I think that deserves its own post, so I’ll do another entry later.
  • We had Thanksgiving here at home.  David’s mom, Paul, Robin, and Robin’s parents were able to join us for the festivity.  Although I completely forgot about taking any pictures, I did remember the recipes that I used, and they were super yummy!  Honey brined smoke turkey on the grill, parmesan roasted broccoli, green beans with shallots and pancetta (I substitute the shallots with a small onion and smoked bacon with pancetta), maple orange glazed carrots (I used organic baby carrots instead, and because of the thickness, i blanched the carrots first to accelerate cook time), scalloped potatoes (I followed this recipe to the T!  and I got to try out my new mandolin), sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie and apple pie.  Robin’s parents also brought a pan of lasagna, a box of cannolis and a coconut custard pie from a local bakery.  YUM.
  • After Thanksgiving, David’s dad and Sheryl visited us.  We went to Treat Farm and tagged a tree to cut it down later (almost exactly a week later).  We also went shopping to get the Little Lady some winter outfits.


  • The Little Lady attend one of her bestie’s birthday party.  The party was super cute at a local community center that has gym class.  All the kids had a great time!


  • This past weekend, I hosted our annual SnB holiday get together.  We also held a cookie swap at the same time,which we usually have it on a Thursday night.  I made Triple Chocolate Cookies for the swap.  It was YUM.  Although David thought they were a little too dark chocolatey for him.

That’s all I can think of now to catch you all up for the past few months.  I’m sure there are other events that happened but I can’t remember them now.  I’m going to try to post more, but no promises!


Happy 4 Years

It’s hard to imagine 4 years ago at this time, David and I are dancing with our friends and family, celebrating us becoming a family. Four years and one little lady later, I spent the past few hours in school learning economics and now we are going to bed.

Oh the joy of life.

Happy anniversary babe!

Fall Is In The Air

This morning, my weather app on my phone told me that it was 50 degrees.  BUUURRRRR…  Considering not too long ago, we were all still basking in the close to 100 degree weather, it is quite a change.  And honestly, I would love to have days like this everyday!  The crisp air in the morning is turning the leaves a bit but the warm days still let us enjoy the outdoors.

Needless to say, I seized the moment and took the Little Lady to the park in the afternoon, after a great swim lesson at the Y and a brief nap in the car.

Can you tell she loves the swing?  And making faces also!

This morning, she woke up bright and early like always.  We hung out a bit and decided that we will go apple picking after breakfast.  We weren’t sure where we wanted to go but ultimately decided to go to Lyman’s since they have lots of varieties of apples, plus pears, peaches and pumpkins currently.  They also have a corn maze, in case we were up to it.  Plus you can’t beat their farm market and outdoor picnic area!

After arriving, we spent quite a bit of time looking for Asian pear, but we were too late in the season.  We only picked three the entire time we were there!  By then, the Little Lady was hungry again for lunch, so we decided to skip the apples and go straight to the farm market for lunch.  But before we depart, we all agreed that we need to at least go look at the pumpkins.  Well, I think we got a winner.


We enjoyed some lunch along with apple cider out in the picnic area by the pond.  We watched the ducks in the water and bought some cider, apples, fudge and apple pie from the farm market.  After sitting on the couch for awhile, the baker in me decided to look up some apple muffins recipe, since David mentioned it while we were in the market.  I was surprised that of all the apple related things they have, the one thing they don’t have are apple muffins!  I did some research and decided to go with the Ellie Krieger’s Apple Muffins.  She is known for substituting items to make the food healthier.  Plus I have all the ingredients on hand – minus the Whole Wheat Pastry Flour.  I had to look up the difference between that and regular Whole Wheat Flour.  Turns out that it was different enough to make baked goods taste different!  Hmmm…  Well, all I have is whole wheat flour, so I decided to go with 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour and 1/2 all purpose flour along with the original 1 cup of all purpose, just so the muffins won’t taste too dense.  And instead of the Golden Delicious apples, I subbed it with a Jonamac.  Jonamac is a bit tart, but I think it is great for baked goods since sugars are usually added anyways.

Yup, my Little Lady is big enough to help me cut things!  The first time she helped me cut hot dogs to make dinner.  It was just the two of us home so I was busy watching her than taking pictures, but this time, David was home, so we now have photo evidence of an almost three year old with a knife!  No worries, it is a special kid’s knife I bought just for her, and used only when adult supervision is available.  She is so excited when she can help me in the kitchen.  I think I need to make this baking business a regular activity so she can get used to it.

Our muffins turned out to be pretty large.  We shall see how it taste after when they are cooled down a bit.

So how have you enjoyed the nice weather?

Sullivan & Son

Have you seen the new show, Sullivan & Son?  I watched a few episodes and I have to say, it is really hilarious!  I don’t know if it is because I got the whole stereotypical Asian joke that goes in there or what, but I just find it funny.

So awhile ago, I got tickets for Comix at Foxwoods for half price.  We were gonna go see someone else, but his show got cancelled.  David and I thought we missed our show completely, which would not even surprise us.  So instead, we looked online and found that the Sullivan & Son show was doing a comedy tour and coming to Foxwoods this weekend!  I booked the tickets and lined up the babysitter, and had a rare date with David.  We got there about an hour early, which gave us plenty of time to order food and drinks.  We got some really awesome seats considering the fact that it was the livingsocial special!  I had a lot of fun sitting around watching everyone else in front of me getting called on, then we got the check from the waitress.  Not wanting her to wait too long, I immediately pulled the card out of my purse and started adding the tip, then I heard Steve Byrne said, “Hey, Asian there, put down the pen, stop doing the math!”  Needless to say, everyone had a good laugh at my expense.  Then later on, he came over on the “lets get to know our audience better” interview.  But instead of asking questions I was expecting, such as what do you do, they asked me what’s my mom’s name…  Yeah…  Then Owen Benjamin said, Oh yes, we are trying to get all your bank accounts password info!  And the following interview questions all revolved around those type of questions.

Overall I had an awesome time at the show.  Oh and yes, Owen Benjamin does know how to play the piano!  He had a keyboard as part of his stand up show.


I know.  I still need to do a post on the Ravellenic wrap up, and I probably won’t be able to do that this week since my folks are coming on Wednesday to stay for a week.  I am super excited about this since I haven’t seen them for a year!  Granted, we see each other through google hangout, but it just isn’t the same.

Speak of visiting, Sheryl and dad came visit this weekend.  We had a great time and the Little Lady is very happy to finally see her GG in person!  We will see them again in November!

Now back to the topic, Podcast.  I had come to the realization how behind I am on this podcast thing. I consider myself pretty tech savvy and into computer stuff, but I am like a dinosaur when it comes to podcast. I got a quick lesson at SnB on Thursday, but both NutmegKnitter and Wife”Mom”Knitter have iphone/ipod, and I own no such devices.  I am a android base person and I had no clue on how to find the episodes!  So I did some research.  Come to find out, there are such thing called the podcatchers.  They are basically software that gather all the different podcast that I wish to subscribe and updates as time goes.  It’s kinda like google reader for all the blog post you subscribes.

Now my questions to you, my readers – if there are any of you left, are these:

  1. Which android podcatcher do you recommend?  is it worth the money you paid for?
  2. What podcasts do you like?  So far I only know of Craft Lit, which I have yet to start listening to since I want to get a good podcatcher loaded onto my phone.  Plus I haven’t had time to listen lately, but want to have everything lined up when I do have some time!

Ravellenic Games – Day 9 & 10

I’m happy to report that I am knitting furiously, but I have just come to a realization that I may have to put my mom’s bolero on hold and cast on for a baby blanket as one of my coworkers is due in September and her baby shower will be NEXT THURSDAY!  Oh where did the time go!?  The last time I remember discussing her baby shower was MAY!!!!  But I’m debating if I should just wait till the baby is here to give her the blanket.  I can’t seem to decide.

On Sunday, David’s mom came to visit us, so we took the opportunity to sneak away from the bebe and went to the movies.  We decided to see The Dark Knight Rises.  It is by far the best movie I’ve seen all year, granted, I haven’t seen a lot of them.  Yes, ladies, this is definitely much better than Magic Mike, although that movie was totally fun to watch with my bitches!  I’ve heard that this was supposedly the last batman movie, but as always, there are loop holes where I can totally see them make the next movie with it.  And I have to admit, I forgot how much I really like Christian Bale!

Speaking of movies, I don’t really watch a lot of them, since I think the ticket price is just ridiculous, plus I rarely have time to spend in the theater, but I really want to watch The Bourne Legacy and Skyfall.  I’ve always really like spy movies and books, so these two are a must for me.

On a completely unrelated topic, I found out today that the Little Lady got into the pre-k program at our local Y.  I am super excited about this as it will save us between $300 to $500 a month!  Plus the Y program includes swimming lessons once a week!  Don’t get me wrong, where she is at is totally fine, but I feel like I’m paying for premium service but not receiving it.  When she was an infant, the program she was in was arguably the best I’ve found around town.  But as she grows, I noticed the service isn’t as great as the infant room, and frankly, I feel like the Little Lady wasn’t getting enough attention because she was a really easy going kid, and if I’m going to pay that kind of money, I might as well go to a different program, pay less, and have more.  She is such a fish I think she will totally love this place, since we’ve been going to a different Y for swimming lessons every Saturday.

So did you do anything fun this weekend?

Ravellenic Games – Day 3 to 8

So I meant to keep up on the posts during the Olympics, but I was traveling for work, so it was difficult.  But that doesn’t mean I stopped knitting and didn’t watch the games!

During this time, Phelps had a big come back.  He not only won gold, he is the only person holding three consecutive title of the same event – TWICE!  AND he now has the most Olympics metal in the world!  It is amazing to witness this piece of history for sure.  Missy Franklin has been impressive, I think she will be the next Phelps!  I am waiting for her to break Phelps record on Olympics metal count.  I have a hunch that she will be just as amazing in the years to come!  And did you see the 15 year old swimmer Katie Ledecky taking gold home on the 800m freestyle?  She almost broke the world record as well!  You can say swimming has never been more exciting than these past two Olympics!  I have to admit, even Ryan Lochte is growing on me.

I am a bit disappointed in Gymnastics this time.  I really wanted Jordyn Wieber to be part of the all around competition, although I guess you could say that she should have done better, but really, my gripe is on the “two gymnasts per country rule”.  I think it should be the eight gymnasts that have the highest points get to compete in the all around!  Besides that, I was happy that Gabby won gold during the all around.  I feel bad for Aly, but I think being able to compete in the all around itself is an incredible achievement!  As for Men’s Gymnastics, I don’t know what happened there.  They did really well during the qualifying, but they didn’t deliver during the finals.

Track and Field has just begun on Day 8.  Some of the sprinters are just amazing.  I can’t wait to see these events!

On the knitting front, I made major progress on Petit Four.  I have majority of the body finished.  I just need to figure out the lace weight I want to use and get going!  As I stated on my last post, I couldn’t get gauge, so I did some math and alter the pattern a bit.  Even then, I was a bit worry that the sweater might be too big, at least when I measured it, it seemed to be on the bigger size than I planned.  But after I tried it on at the Atlanta Airport, it seemed to be fitting quite nicely, plus I figure when I wear it during the fall/winter time, I’ll have an undershirt so it will fill in all the ease.  The pattern was supposed to be “wear with minimal ease” and my goal was to actually have negative ease, but I think I like the way it is going right now.

Since I finished the portion that I can do while in the Atlanta airport, I started a bolero for my mom.  I promised her to have it done before she comes to visit, and she’ll be here in just a couple of weeks!  Eek!  I better get going on that!  I made some progress last night, but had read the pattern wrong, so I had to rip out a few rows.  Now, have you ever try to rip out mohair yarn?  Well, it was NOT EASY!  It took me a long time to get it all straighten out.  Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from her on out.

So how are yo’all doing on your projects?

Ravellenic Games – Day 2

After the first full day of games, I have to say, I’m sad to see that Phelps didn’t metal. I remember watching him when he was 15, then when he was 19, then 23 when he dominated Beijing. He is probably my favorite Olympian of all time, and really, for no reason other than just watching him grow over the years. I’ve only been to the US a little over six months when I saw him swim for the first time in the Olympics.

And as for Ryan Lochte, well, he does nothing for me. Way too cocky and full of himself. Maybe he has gain the rights to be, but I’m just not a fan.
On the gymnastic front, I’m happy to see the US Men’s Team doing fairly well, with minor hiccups. I feel bad for the China team, as I know they should be the power house, but with numerous mistakes, it is hard to stay in the game. Can’t wait to see how the women’s team does tonight.


As for knitting, well, I started the Petit Four with my own math adjustment. It is going fairly smoothly, but slowly. I was hoping to make some major progress during Little Lady’s nap time today, well, she didn’t nap, instead, she found a roll of tums and a pack of gum. I kept my calm and asked how many she had of each. She said three on the tums and nothing on the gum, then change to one gum. I guess I will have to see what her poop says.

So what’s your take on the Olympics so far?

Ravellenic Games – Day 1

I ♥ Olympics.  There is no questions on that.  I sometimes dream that I am a great athlete (whether it be swimming or gymnastics, two of my favorite summer game events) and take home Olympics Gold.  But alas, I’m lucky that I don’t trip while I’m walking!

Every Olympics, I participate in the Ravelympics, and even before it was Ravelympics!  But this year, apparently Ravelry can no longer use the name since it has “lympics” in it and it infringed the Olympics.  I’m OK with their claim on the infringement, what I am NOT OK with, is in their letter to Ravelry’s owner, they pretty much called knitting stupid.  Now, that’s a fast way to piss off 2 million people all in one shot!  When they apologized, they completely missed the point, and then told the knitting community to donate knitwear for the athletes.  Seriously?!  I wonder who is the stupid one.

But their stupidity isn’t going to deterred me from watching the games, nor it is going to prevent me to participate the now called Ravellenic Games.

I wasn’t sure what I want to do as my challenge.  I have a hat I need to do for Rhinebeck, and I always wanted to make a Rhinebeck sweater, but never had the time.  I also need to finish my dad’s vest and make a vest for my mom.  I just couldn’t decide.  But then, I decided to flip through my new Interweave magazine, and immediately fell in love with two sweater patterns:  Petit Four Pullover and Sweetheart Pullover.  I looked through my stash and decided that I really want to make Petit Four and the new yarn I recently acquired from Hubs Mill Store would fit the bill.  My only problem – I can’t seem to get gauge!  Ugh. I guess I’ll be doing some math.

So what’s your favorite games to watch?