From “Pumpkin Sunrise“:

“Weekends are for memory making, relaxing and enjoying quiet moments of our days.”

My friend WifeMomKnitter has been doing the weekending post for quite awhile now.  I really enjoy blogging and would love to start again, so I figure I start here.

This weekend started out with a sick baby who couldn’t go to her last swim lesson for this session.  Poor Little Miss had the Hand-Foot-Mouth disease last weekend and is still fighting with whatever else is in her system that’s causing her to be super congested.  None of us have slept all that well because of the constant waking and crying.

Little Lady on the other hand is strong and healthy as an ox (she was born the year of ox, I wonder if that has something to do with it?) and I’m hoping she stays like this even with her baby sister being sick.  We went to soccer reluctantly – she was okay for the most part, but towards the end, she was tired of playing, again.  She loves watching the big kids play soccer every time we drove by them, and always says she would like to play, but when it’s the actual soccer lesson time, she lost interest rather quickly.  I think we will be sticking to swim from now on.  Speaking of swim, she will probably be in her last Ray class this next session and move on to Starfish, that means she can swim 15 feet with her face in the water and flotation device!!!!  So proud of her!  I still remember when I first took her to the pool and she was all scared and wouldn’t let go!  Oh, did I mention that she now swims to the deeper side of the pool and jumps right into the super deep end???  I wish Little Miss will be the same when the time comes…  Right now she cries instantly once her toes are in the water!

Then we have a nice visit with Grandma!  While the girls are hanging out with her, I was able to get away to the library to borrow a few books!  We also got a Tinker Bell movie that we haven’t seen.  I love my library!

Sunday started out a little rocky, since Little Miss didn’t sleep very well, which means none of us slept well either.  But I made breakfast for everyone and after relaxing a bit at home, we piled in the car and went to the local farm to pick some strawberries.



The Little Lady and I did most of the picking, and it only took a little time since there are still lots of strawberries left to pick from.  I think next year, I’m gonna try to do a little strawberries planter with her since she loves strawberries so much!

We end this weekend by cooking up some specialty sausages from Whole Foods and big bowls of salads with beets, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, red bell peppers, spinach and lettuce.  It was beautiful to look at and just as yummy to eat!

So, how was your weekend?


One thought on “Weekending

  1. so glad you joined in! When my son was little he played tee ball and he was more interested in daisy picking than playing the game. Congrats on a strong swimmer and moving into the next class, you must be proud! I hope your little one feels better.

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