Five Years… At The Place

I think I say this EVERY YEAR. But the time real DOES fly!0330

To celebrate, we decided to try “The Place“. 

We’ve never been to it before, but drove by many times.  It always looked very interesting, and we had heard good things about it.  So why not?









The food was good, but I wouldn’t classify it as to die for.  We are definitely paying more for the ambiance and experience.  We had fun, and it reminds us camping, except someone else is doing all the cooking and serving us food.  And yes, the Little Lady tried clams and like it, and it looks like the Little Miss would love to get in on some of that steak herself.  Would I come back?  Hard to say.  I guess we’ll see.


Happy Five Years, Babe.


3 thoughts on “Five Years… At The Place

  1. Happy Anniversary, Jenn and Jenn’s husband! (I couldn’t remember if you use his name in your blog.)

    Babysquared is a very adventurous kid. I wouldn’t eat clams that way…and I’m 40!

    I’m telling you that Babycubed CANNOT WAIT until she can eat solid food. She used to STARE at our food while we would eat lunch when I was watching the girls.

  2. Love it that the Lil Lady is eating shellfish! Woohoo! I was concerned until I scrolled down the posted menu – Ribeye! for our guy! Happy anniversary dear kids! Love to y’all. GG

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