How We Spent Our Winter Holidays

First, a belated Merry Christmas to all!  We were traveling out of town so I didn’t get to post.

On Christmas eve, the Little Lady opened one of her presents, like always.  She was super excited about this year’s Christmas jammies!


Since the Little Lady has been a good girl, Santa brought her the toy she had asked for – Helicopter Legos!  The sparkle in her eyes and the surprise on her face was priceless.  I think she just sat there for a few seconds staring at the box.  You can see the wheels in her brain working!  Super cute

ImageShe also got a Cinderella Lego with the carriage to go with her Cinderella castle from Sheryl and Dad.  She was super excited and ended up playing the two legos together.  She declared that the people that are in the helicopter are friends with Cinderella and they all have to ride in the carriage!

She also got three sticker books (a Disney Princess one from Uncle Terry, Aunt Page and Cousin C, and two from David and I), and of course, between GG (Sheryl) and YeYe (dad), grandma and Uncle Terry, Aunt Page and Cousin C, she was spoiled with many more toys, including a Cinderella bath boy, a Hello Kitty magnetic dress up kit (which she absolutely LOOOOOOOVES), a Princess magnetic dress up kit (she also loves this one, it gets equal attention with the HK one!), a coloring book and of course, more stickers.  She also got this awesome headband I found at Gap that has a little crown shape on it that I put in her stocking, along with a kiddie scissors (she loves cutting!), a princess necklace and bracelet set, and Hello Kitty stamps.

Although we had said that adults will not exchange gifts, mom got me and Page each a super cute blue doggie sillicon pot holder.

See, isn’t he adorable!?

Because we drove to the midwest, I had a lot of time on my hands on the way there and back.  Lots of knitting and spinning were done, but I will save that for another post to showcase all the FOs.

We encountered Winter Storm Draco the first day while driving towards the midwest.  We ended up stopping half way, which is about what we were expecting.  The next day although was long, it was a dry, sunny and easy drive.  On the way home was another story.  Winter Storm Euclid started just as we were leaving.  We drove in it the entire day, and after 6 hours of driving, we were only 3 hours away from where we started.  David was very worried the fact that we were in the minivan and if anything happen, there was really nothing we can do to recover.  So we made an decision and called it quits.  The place we stayed had a pool so the Little Lady had a little fun before going to bed.  The next day was much better, although we had to skip going to see David’s grandma since Euclid decided to linger around where she lives and also it is a much longer route.

We got home late Thursday evening and promptly put the essentials away and crashed.  We slept in Friday, including the Little Lady! We tooled around the house until David and the Little Lady had their dentist appointment.  Now, this is the Little Lady’s FIRST EVER dentist appointment.  Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous that she will scream her head off during the visit, and also she was going to have lots of cavities!  Well, us holding off giving her sweets and juices really paid off!  The dentist was impressed with her behavior AND that her teeth are super healthy

ImageWe spent most of Saturday cleaning out the Little Lady’s room since David and her went to the consignment store and got her a Dora big girl bed for $15 before Christmas.  David disassembled the crib and put it up on her bunk, along with the changing table that we no longer use for her.  We plotted out some potential solution for the room and went out shopping.  Of course, promptly after we are finished at the dance store to get the Little Lady her leotards and ballet shoes for her first ever dance lesson this upcoming Saturday, it started to snow… again.  This time, Winter Storm Freyr left us some very wet snow.  It was also super windy.  At first, we thought the snow supposed to end at 6pm, no such luck.  We also thought it was supposed to be around 2 to 4 inches, well that was wrong also.  David ended up needing to get the snow blower out and did both houses and came home around 11pm.  But it’s not all work!  After we got home from IKEA, David and the Little Lady got all suit up and went to the front yard to play with the very wet, very awesome snowball forming snow.


I know I am biased, but isn’t she super cute all bundled up?  And yes, my daughter has a Spyder snowsuit, because her daddy wouldn’t budge for less, “only the best for my girl!”  Luck for him that his wife is very good at bargain shopping.  I found this suit online for $99.95 with free shipping, since this is last season’s color.  We had seen one from the local ski shop, but it was a boy suit (which we almost purchased anyways), but decided to check online.  It was almost $200!!!!  Once we got the suit, the Little Lady tried it on, and that’s when we realized that the suit has places that we can let out to make it bigger so it grows with her!  And it is a little big to begin with, I think we can actually get at least another year out of it, if not two!!!!  PLUS, her little sister will be wearing it when it’s time anyways!  So really, I can get total of four to six seasons out of this thing! HA!

I woke up at 8 this morning to a very quiet house.  Since we haven’t really done ANYTHING house chore wise since we got back, I utilized this quiet morning to do the dishes, clean the kitchen, and catch up on the internet.  The Little Lady woke up around 9:30 and of course deciding that her daddy needs to be awake as well, except David woke up SICK!  ICK!  He decided that he needs some OJ and went out to get some, even though I’ve offered to drive out to the store, but he insisted since the truck was already cleaned off and ready to go.  Little did I know, he really wanted the orange strawberry banana juice, not straight OJ.  I guess I would have gotten it all wrong if I’ve gone!  Of course, I also asked him to buy some chicken so I can make chicken soup for dinner.  


I made the chicken soup into chicken noodle matzo ball soup.  I also cooked up some rice and baked up some honey butter biscuits at David’s request.  It was a very yummy dinner, especially since I’ve been wanting clear soup for dinner for a few days, and the Chinese take out place soup was just not cutting it.  It was really satisfying when your 3 year old had some soup and said “mmmm, it’s good!”.

And now, after full tummy, we are watching the Patriots game and chilling.  So what have you been up to this winter holidays?





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