Catching Up… Yet Again.

It’s been quite awhile.  This blog has been really quiet.  Mostly because I am busy with school and the Little Lady, but it doesn’t help when I am tired half of the time.  Why you asked?  Well…


Yup.  The Little Lady is going to be a big sister comes April next year!  I think the idea is finally sinking in for her.

So since September, besides mentally preparing to be a parent of TWO kids, lots had happened…  Let’s see:

  • I started and finished school!  I got an A- on Economics, and I am waiting for the other grade to come in, but I really don’t expect anything less than an A. 🙂
  • We went to the Big E, TWICE, and Quassy!  We actually got to go to Quassy for free! Of course, I cannot remember where we got the free passes now.  I think it might be Chips!  The Little Lady was a tall girl and was able to get on many of the rides on her own.  And!  I tried Fried Oreo for the first time!  It was really good!


  • Rhinebeck.  This year, our hat was based on the fiddle fern pattern.  But they were all heavily modified.  Mine was Christmas themed.


  • We experienced super storm Sandy.  We only lost power for about a day, compare to some other less fortunate folks.  We also have a generator so we were able to have some lights, watch tv and keep the fridge.
  • A week after the super storm Sandy, we had the not so little, but not so big snow storm.  Although I was in Houston for SWE Conference recruiting.  Aunt Jenny was super nice and watched the Little Lady when school closed, yet again, so David didn’t have to take another day off.


  • And because of the two storms, treat-or-trick was cancelled.  But no matter, there was a school parade and Sam got dressed up anyways.



Please excuse the hair.  Mommy wasn’t home to do it!

  • The Little Lady turned THREE!!!!!  I think that deserves its own post, so I’ll do another entry later.
  • We had Thanksgiving here at home.  David’s mom, Paul, Robin, and Robin’s parents were able to join us for the festivity.  Although I completely forgot about taking any pictures, I did remember the recipes that I used, and they were super yummy!  Honey brined smoke turkey on the grill, parmesan roasted broccoli, green beans with shallots and pancetta (I substitute the shallots with a small onion and smoked bacon with pancetta), maple orange glazed carrots (I used organic baby carrots instead, and because of the thickness, i blanched the carrots first to accelerate cook time), scalloped potatoes (I followed this recipe to the T!  and I got to try out my new mandolin), sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie and apple pie.  Robin’s parents also brought a pan of lasagna, a box of cannolis and a coconut custard pie from a local bakery.  YUM.
  • After Thanksgiving, David’s dad and Sheryl visited us.  We went to Treat Farm and tagged a tree to cut it down later (almost exactly a week later).  We also went shopping to get the Little Lady some winter outfits.


  • The Little Lady attend one of her bestie’s birthday party.  The party was super cute at a local community center that has gym class.  All the kids had a great time!


  • This past weekend, I hosted our annual SnB holiday get together.  We also held a cookie swap at the same time,which we usually have it on a Thursday night.  I made Triple Chocolate Cookies for the swap.  It was YUM.  Although David thought they were a little too dark chocolatey for him.

That’s all I can think of now to catch you all up for the past few months.  I’m sure there are other events that happened but I can’t remember them now.  I’m going to try to post more, but no promises!


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