Ravellenic Games – Day 3 to 8

So I meant to keep up on the posts during the Olympics, but I was traveling for work, so it was difficult.  But that doesn’t mean I stopped knitting and didn’t watch the games!

During this time, Phelps had a big come back.  He not only won gold, he is the only person holding three consecutive title of the same event – TWICE!  AND he now has the most Olympics metal in the world!  It is amazing to witness this piece of history for sure.  Missy Franklin has been impressive, I think she will be the next Phelps!  I am waiting for her to break Phelps record on Olympics metal count.  I have a hunch that she will be just as amazing in the years to come!  And did you see the 15 year old swimmer Katie Ledecky taking gold home on the 800m freestyle?  She almost broke the world record as well!  You can say swimming has never been more exciting than these past two Olympics!  I have to admit, even Ryan Lochte is growing on me.

I am a bit disappointed in Gymnastics this time.  I really wanted Jordyn Wieber to be part of the all around competition, although I guess you could say that she should have done better, but really, my gripe is on the “two gymnasts per country rule”.  I think it should be the eight gymnasts that have the highest points get to compete in the all around!  Besides that, I was happy that Gabby won gold during the all around.  I feel bad for Aly, but I think being able to compete in the all around itself is an incredible achievement!  As for Men’s Gymnastics, I don’t know what happened there.  They did really well during the qualifying, but they didn’t deliver during the finals.

Track and Field has just begun on Day 8.  Some of the sprinters are just amazing.  I can’t wait to see these events!

On the knitting front, I made major progress on Petit Four.  I have majority of the body finished.  I just need to figure out the lace weight I want to use and get going!  As I stated on my last post, I couldn’t get gauge, so I did some math and alter the pattern a bit.  Even then, I was a bit worry that the sweater might be too big, at least when I measured it, it seemed to be on the bigger size than I planned.  But after I tried it on at the Atlanta Airport, it seemed to be fitting quite nicely, plus I figure when I wear it during the fall/winter time, I’ll have an undershirt so it will fill in all the ease.  The pattern was supposed to be “wear with minimal ease” and my goal was to actually have negative ease, but I think I like the way it is going right now.

Since I finished the portion that I can do while in the Atlanta airport, I started a bolero for my mom.  I promised her to have it done before she comes to visit, and she’ll be here in just a couple of weeks!  Eek!  I better get going on that!  I made some progress last night, but had read the pattern wrong, so I had to rip out a few rows.  Now, have you ever try to rip out mohair yarn?  Well, it was NOT EASY!  It took me a long time to get it all straighten out.  Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from her on out.

So how are yo’all doing on your projects?


2 thoughts on “Ravellenic Games – Day 3 to 8

  1. First of all, love the new look of the blog.

    I’ve made great strides on my Hat Dash Hat. I’ve also finished up the first sleeve of my Rhinebeck sweater and made good progress so far on the second. I’ll be joining the whole shebang pretty soon. Hurray!

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