Ravellenic Games – Day 2

After the first full day of games, I have to say, I’m sad to see that Phelps didn’t metal. I remember watching him when he was 15, then when he was 19, then 23 when he dominated Beijing. He is probably my favorite Olympian of all time, and really, for no reason other than just watching him grow over the years. I’ve only been to the US a little over six months when I saw him swim for the first time in the Olympics.

And as for Ryan Lochte, well, he does nothing for me. Way too cocky and full of himself. Maybe he has gain the rights to be, but I’m just not a fan.
On the gymnastic front, I’m happy to see the US Men’s Team doing fairly well, with minor hiccups. I feel bad for the China team, as I know they should be the power house, but with numerous mistakes, it is hard to stay in the game. Can’t wait to see how the women’s team does tonight.


As for knitting, well, I started the Petit Four with my own math adjustment. It is going fairly smoothly, but slowly. I was hoping to make some major progress during Little Lady’s nap time today, well, she didn’t nap, instead, she found a roll of tums and a pack of gum. I kept my calm and asked how many she had of each. She said three on the tums and nothing on the gum, then change to one gum. I guess I will have to see what her poop says.

So what’s your take on the Olympics so far?


One thought on “Ravellenic Games – Day 2

  1. I beg to differ on Ryan Lochte. I think I have a new crush. Matt and I agreed that it seemed like Michael Phelps’ heart was just not in it that night. It didn’t surprise me that he didn’t metal.

    i’ll have to have a talk with my girl that next time I see here. 😉

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