Ravellenic Games – Day 1

I ♥ Olympics.  There is no questions on that.  I sometimes dream that I am a great athlete (whether it be swimming or gymnastics, two of my favorite summer game events) and take home Olympics Gold.  But alas, I’m lucky that I don’t trip while I’m walking!

Every Olympics, I participate in the Ravelympics, and even before it was Ravelympics!  But this year, apparently Ravelry can no longer use the name since it has “lympics” in it and it infringed the Olympics.  I’m OK with their claim on the infringement, what I am NOT OK with, is in their letter to Ravelry’s owner, they pretty much called knitting stupid.  Now, that’s a fast way to piss off 2 million people all in one shot!  When they apologized, they completely missed the point, and then told the knitting community to donate knitwear for the athletes.  Seriously?!  I wonder who is the stupid one.

But their stupidity isn’t going to deterred me from watching the games, nor it is going to prevent me to participate the now called Ravellenic Games.

I wasn’t sure what I want to do as my challenge.  I have a hat I need to do for Rhinebeck, and I always wanted to make a Rhinebeck sweater, but never had the time.  I also need to finish my dad’s vest and make a vest for my mom.  I just couldn’t decide.  But then, I decided to flip through my new Interweave magazine, and immediately fell in love with two sweater patterns:  Petit Four Pullover and Sweetheart Pullover.  I looked through my stash and decided that I really want to make Petit Four and the new yarn I recently acquired from Hubs Mill Store would fit the bill.  My only problem – I can’t seem to get gauge!  Ugh. I guess I’ll be doing some math.

So what’s your favorite games to watch?


2 thoughts on “Ravellenic Games – Day 1

  1. This year was the first time I watched Archery – that was pretty cool! Can’t wait to see your sweater progress!

  2. I found watching the road races both days gave me ample knitting time where I didn’t have to pay too much attention.

    Of course, anything with hot men would be my favorite too. 😛

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