Resolutions… or not.

Looking back through my posts, it looked like I had reviewed my accomplishments each year, with the exception of 2011.  I’m not sure why I didn’t, except that I was busy.

So this year, I’m debating if I should make resolutions or not.  With starting of grad school and trying to figure out if The Little Lady is old enough to go to the magnet school so we don’t have to shell out close to $300/week for day care, I’m not sure I would be able to follow through any resolutions!

I did join a spinning  and stash down group.  I used the handy dandy export to excel function on Ravelry and calculated that I currently have 89 miles of yarn!  HOLY CRAP!  Although after checking out the forum, I guess I wasn’t that bad! 😛  SO I guess I do have “some” resolutions, at least goals to meet the stash down groups –

  • spin 12 lbs of fiber in 12 months – I’m not even sure if I have that much fiber, but I figure I can at least spin up most of my fiber so I can get some more when MDS&W and NYS&W comes along.
  • Have a negative yardage at the end of the year – this means that the total yarn spun up or knit up has to be more than the amount I purchased for the year.  The idea is to encourage to use your stash more, but still lets you buy stuff, as oppose of the yarn diet, which is not buy any at all.  I find the idea more appealing and better fit my overall goal, then completely cold turkey, which I believe I would no doubt fail.

While I’m not making any resolutions, I have some general goals that I would like to accomplish –

  • Keep the house semi-orderly.  David and I both had a couple of weeks off and we worked hard to clean up our house.  The Little Lady’s room is completely reorganized and cleaned to the best of our ability.  So are the living, the kitchen, the craft room and the dining room.  We are going to get a few more organizational items for our bedroom and clean up the basement, but both requires some funds that we just can’t spare right now.
  • Eat more veggies.  We went grocery shopping today, and I bought a few veggies for myself to take for lunch.  Of course, this was inspired from this picture I found on Pinterest.  I didn’t get all the veggies shown in the picture, but I did cut up whatever I can and put them away, so it will be easy to assemble for lunch.  I even cooked up some hard boiled eggs to have for breakfast and lunch!
  • Get rid of cable – you already know that one.  I won’t get into it again.

I think I’ll end it right here.  I can’t think of anything else at the moment worth mentioning.  So what are YOUR goals/resolutions… or not?


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