Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas!  Dudes and Dudettes!

We had an awesome Christmas at la casa jennsquared.  Although it didn’t go without its challenge.  I had planned on having ham for dinner, but our freezer was full from a recent grocery sale, so the turkey was moved to the fridge.  Well, on Christmas eve afternoon, I got everything ready to brine the bird, well, it was still frozen.  I felt defeated.  Really.

Earlier of the day, I had commented to David that the amount of things we want to do (mostly household related stuff that we couldn’t really do regularly, or just didn’t have time to do), vs. the time we actually have do not correlate!  Both David and I were off since last Wednesday afternoon, and we will continue to have this week off*, however, we’ve only combated 3 things from the list!  How many items are on the list?  you ask.  Well, let me go check…  31!  Yes, you read that right!   Although there are a few things that are David specific, such as striping the parts car for, well, parts.

So as you can see, I was feeling rather defeated when I realized the turkey wasn’t defrosted.  I sat on the couch and goofed around on the internet to blow off steam, and while on Ravelry, a few of the ladies in one of the forum had mention making cinnamon rolls.  Homemade cinnamon rolls.  Hmm…  My brain started reeling and after a few minutes, I declared that instead of a dinner, we will have Christmas brunch!  David was fine with whatever I decided, so I got my lazy self up at 8:30pm and start the dough – AFTER we had decorated the gingerbread for Santa and babysquared had opened her Christmas eve gift – Christmas PJ.

She is still a little young to get the whole Santa thing, but it’s all good.  Christmas came and we all got up super early, not because that we are in a hurry of opening presents (although that may change in a couple of year), but babysquared doesn’t sleep past 7am!  I got going on the brunch making, and in between, took a break to open presents.

Lots of awesome presents!  David and I got Paul and Robin a cookware set, and it came with a knife set.  Part of the reason we got it so Paul can return my knife.  In return, they got us a Samsung Smart Hub, just so we can give them back the PS3.  When we saw each other’s gifts, we all laughed out loud on our thinking.

All funnies aside, with the smart hub along with our netflix subscription, we may just be able to get rid of Comcast all together!  Currently we only have the basic cable for $18.  It had all the basics we want, which is USA, Foodnetwork, HGTV, Comedy Central and ESPN.  Well, that ended about a month ago when slowly all channels going to digital.  We ordered the free digital box, and still no Foodnetwork and HGTV.  On top of that, no more USA, ESPN and Comedy Central!  I called Comcast and they told me that because I only have basics, they are not included.  I argued that without the free digital box (our tv in the bedroom), I was able to watch USA, ESPN and Comedy Central still, but the one with (our tv in the living room), all the channels are gone!  She politely told me that in order for me to get them all back, I have to get extended service, which is one level up.  She then transferred me to a sales rep, who then gave me a load of crap, telling me that extended service is not available for my area and the only way to get the channels I wanted, I have to go to Digital Basics, which is $70!!!!  Mmm…  No?  Granted, with the smart hub and netflix, I still won’t be able to watch foodnetwork and HGTV, but I’m willing to sacrifice them to save a boat load of $ and still watch most of the shows I like.  Plus, I already lost those two channels now anyways.  But I digress.  Cable issue isn’t something I can solved in a blog post.

So with all the fun toys, we enjoyed the yummy food and good company, all while watching the Indiana Jones on USA.

Cinnamon Roll, Gluten Free Corn Muffin, Bacon, Eggs with Cheese, Sopapilla Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pull-apart Bread and Hot Cocoa with Peppermint Marshmallow.  I didn’t quite follow the Sopapilla Cheesecake recipe linked.  The crescent roll I had were garlic butter, not plain, so I had to improvise, since I’m not quite sure how garlic and cinnamon will taste together.  Instead, I mixed the cream cheese with a bit of my Maple Sugar Rub from River Rat, and brush the top with melted butter with a sprinkle of sea salt.  Oh, and I only have one can of the roll, so used the 8 by 8 dish instead of 9 by 13.  When I get the regular plain one the next time, I’m definitely going to try the recipe listed!

So how was your Christmas?  What are some of the yumminess you had during your family get together?  What are some of the goodies you received?


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