AKA New York Sheep & Wool Festival!

I know, that was SOOOOOOOOOOOO last week!  But when I got no time to blog, I’ll take what I can get.

CostumeChick, WifeMomKnitter, backstageknits, hedwigbc, lisau99, jessilyn28, nutmegknitter, little nutmeg and I all met up at a commuter lot Friday at noon, and caravan up to the Secret Bat Cave, aka our retreat house.  We picked up fakeknitter midway and met Anphoe, Anphoe’s DH and Little V at the our regular stopping point – Harney & Sons Tea Shop.  We sampled quite a few tea and I settled on these:

Royal Wedding TeaChocolate Tea

Photos from Harney & Sons website.

I really liked the Chocolate Mint, but I have a lot of mint tea leaves at home, so I decided to blend my own with the Chocolate tea.

When we finally arrive at the secret bat cave, we enjoyed some yummy lagsana (Contributed by WifeMomKintter’s DH), garlic pull apart bread (contributed by fakeknitter), and some really good salad (contributed by lisau99).  We sat around and planned out our plan of attack for the next day, and did some knitting/hanging out.

We got up bright and early, but still didn’t beat the crazy traffic going into the fairgrounds.  Immediately  going into the fairgrounds, we were interviewed by Knit 1, heart 2 podcast for our crazy looking hats!  And here is a group shot of everyone:

We ARE missing one hat – Archiknist.  She was called away by the yummy goodness of artichoke.

Last year, after CostumeChick finished one of the fat hats, we all decided that we all need to make the same hat, so we can easily find each other.  And this was us last year:

Well, SheShoopSheep took some picture of us last year, and guess what!?  We ended up in her book:  Craft Activism.

We are in the front holding the ravelry sign!  And we did again this year as well!

We had a ton of fun, got home exhausted, but had a party of our own – Anphoe’s birthday!  We had a Thanksgiving style feast and cupcakes, with blueberry wine and tea!  (Big thanks to CostumeChick who coordinate and made dinner for both nights!)

Sunday we said goodbye to hedwigbc (she had to take the train home to Virginia!) and went back to the fairgrounds.  Well, you’ll see that the hat in the above was red, but then I had a yellow hat on Sunday:

Photo curtesy of WifeMomKnitter.

I originally was making it for babysquared, even though she didn’t come up this year, and stayed home with daddy and grandma (they had their own fun with the Renaissance’s Fair, but of course, leave it to daddy with no photo evidence!).  But while CostumeChick and I were at the Skaska booth to figure out the yarn we need to make our crazy wedding ring shawl, the owner/designer Galina took interest of my hat, and wanted to trade the yarn for it!  I didn’t go for it then, since I apparently wasn’t thinking, so I finished the yellow hat Sunday morning in the parking lot while waiting for the fairgrounds to open, so I can barter with Galina A. Khmeleva on her books! (and may I add that I was successful!!!!)

Here is a picture of us in our hats! 🙂  Photo cutesy of WifeMomKnitter.  For the hat, I received two signed books by Galina and also a copy of the PieceWork magazine where an article on repairing the Orenburg Lace Shawl.  A side note:  She is going to have a lace knitting retreat in Colorado and I REALLY want to go!  But I don’t think I can do it this coming year due to budget constraint.  We’ll see.

Another author I took photo with is Anna Dalvi.  I first started following her on her mystic serious mystery shawls on yahoo group.  It was super awesome to finally meet her, since I love all of her designs.

I of course had to purchase her new book…  Shaping Shawls.  And here are my other loot from the weekend:

In addition to the books mentioned, I also bought the Complete Book of Drafting by Madelyn Van der Hoogt, 2.8 oz of purple/green roving (I think it’s BFL) from briar rose fibers, 4 oz of organic cotton roving, 6 skeins of Plymouth Mira Mira (wool and metal!), a skein of four play by Brooks Farm, and 1/2 cone of cobweb weight wool by Jagger (photo shows the whole cone, but CostumeChick and I are splitting that!).  I also got babysquared a lamb book that has wheels.  That book has already been played quite a few times and babysquared won’t let me take it away from her to photograph.

Oh, one more thing I did on Sunday – I went to the Hansen miniSpinner booth.  I have a miniSpinner for almost a year now, but I had yet to figure out how to spin lace weight on it.  I had a little chat with Mr. Hansen (Kevin) himself, and in a few minutes, he had me spinning this:

See that blue yarn?  yup, that’s a 2-ply lace from me!  For comparison, I put a dime underneath, and the pink is JaggerSpun Zypher, the orange is Schaefer Yarn Andrea, and the bottom white is the Jagger cobweb that was in the picture above (in the cone, there were 55,000 yards in that thing!).  The trick I learnt was slower speed and lots of twist!  I can’t wait to get on my wheel next time.  I thinking to spin the purple roving into lace weight since I only have 2.8 oz of it.

I’m sad that the weekend was over so soon, but it only means one thing:  Looking forward to Rhinebeck 2012!


You can see some other photos from WifeMomKnitter, NutmegKnitter, and My Grandmother’s Knitting.


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