Do you feel the crisp in the air?  The temperature has dipped down below 50s in some nights!

To celebrate fall, we went to pick apples and pears at High Hill Orchard.  I’ve done some research on organic orchard, and although High Hill isn’t certified, but they practice as one.

We climbed hills to find apples and pears!

What are you looking at, Mama?


More apples!

A little help from daddy up top.

Woooooo... tractor!

Just a note – David was cut out of frame so he really was next to her.  No baby was left riding the tractor alone.

We also got apple cider and pear cider from the farm stand, along with Cinderella pumpkin, which we forgot to take picture of.  We had a ton of fun and probably will be back before the season ended!

And did you notice that cute sweater she was sporting?  It’s the Baby Hepburn Crop Coat by Crystal Guistinello.  It was a test knit – way overdue.  But it is done, and super cute on babysquared!  Now, if I can only get her to wear the other sweater so I can take some pictures…


One thought on “Fall

  1. I like fall too! Looks like you had lots of fun apple and pear picking. I haven’t done that yet, maybe next year when Little V can run around, then we will go and have as fun as you did this year!

    Cute sweater! 🙂

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