Sock Mini-Land

OK.  Apparently, working a full time job, a part time job, and have a toddler is too crazy to spin everyday for almost whole month of July.  ::sigh::  But I at least got 10 days out of it and got to the roving I needed to do, so not too bad, if I do say so myself.

Back in June, I had signed up on Ravelry a mini sock yarn swap on Sock Yarn Round Robin group.  I even volunteered to be the host.  What that means is that I will receive everyone’s mini skeins of sock yarn, weighing 10g each, then I will mix and match them for everyone, taking one from each person’s contribution and give them back.  So you start with 10 mini skeins of your yarn, and you end up with 1 from yourself and 9 from other people’s mini skeins.  It’s rather fun!

Of course, I wasn’t slacking and didn’t get to the stuff till now, August.  Canadian Post is at fault!  By going on strike!  When the strike was over, there was a backlog and one of the participant didn’t want to mail her stuff until the backlog was done.  But the wait was worth it, just look at this:

It is all sorted and bagged.  I just need to get a moment to go to the post office!  all these minis are gonna enable me to make the Beekeeper’s Quilt!!!!


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