Will You Be My Friend? Part 2

Don’t have a lot of time to post lately, since I started grad school!  I know!  I’m crazy…  But it’s gotta be done.

So until I have more time to properly show some of my knitting and the Little Lady, I will show you this:

I made cinnamon muffins with cinnamon chips using the Amish Friendship Bread starter.  They smell amazing!  I think I had the heat too high in the beginning so the dough rise too high too fast, now I have sink holes in the middle, but I’m sure that won’t affect taste!

Since I’m uploading, I might as well show you this:

CostumeChick, backstageknits, CostumeChick’s intern, WifeMomKnitter and I went to the CT Sheep and Wool festival this past Saturday.  I’ve always liked this festival because it is the first one of the series near me and it always signifies that spring is coming!

While we were posing, the two kids with their baby goats ran toward us.  The lady who was taking our photos decided that they need to be in the pictures too, so there they are.  The goats are super cute!

I think that will have to be it for today.  I’ll have to definitely do a post on a Saturday or something ti catch you all up!


2 thoughts on “Will You Be My Friend? Part 2

  1. I admire you that you go to grad school, because that’s lots of work!

    Looks like you girls had a great time at the festival, hope I can join you girls next time 🙂

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