What’s the first thing that comes to your head when you hear that word?

If you are a fiber addict like myself, you will probably think of yarn making, and spinning wheel.  If you know nothing about fibers, than you are probably thinking about cycling.

Well, this lazy fiber addict started both!  And I have some yarn to share!!!!

That’s 2oz of corriedale roving from The Clearing at Curry Farm.  It’s the first roving I’ve ever purchased.  It was when I first started thinking spinning and wanted to try a spindle.  Deb was super helpful, and answered a lot of my questions.  There are approximately 175 yards on this.  I plan on dying it with some kool aid or wilton food coloring, when I finish dying some cormo from the same place.

This is now a 2-ply yarn, but I don’t have any picture of it.  I bought this roving at Rhinebeck, after knowing I’ll be getting myself a lovely spinning machine.  The roving came from Spinners Hill Fibers, and it is corriedale finn rambouillet cross breed.  There are about 2.75oz with 215 yards.

And this Sunday will be the Second Sunday Spinners.  CostumeChick and I will be going, for sure.  We went for the first time last month and it was a lot of fun.  I got to show everyone my electrical spinner.  It is no louder than the traditional wheels!  And last month, it was really my first time spinning, so I felt quite accomplished after that.  I do have CostumeChick and Archiknist to thank though for all the tips they’ve given me while I was there.

Onto the other spinning…  My work has opened a new fitness center right on site!  And spin class was offered at no charge, so I decided to give it a try.  I went for the first time this Monday during lunch.  It was very challenging, for someone who hasn’t work out for probably well over 2 years!  My legs were like spaghetti after, and when I tried to climb up the stairs to get to my own work area, I thought I was gonna fall due to no strength in my legs!  How sad.  But I’m gonna keep at it.  I even bought a pair of cycling shoes for it!  The strange thing is, I actually can’t wait for the class next week!  But we’ll see how long the excitment last…

David used to bike outside a lot, so since I’m getting into spin class, he decided to dust out his bike, and got our Little Lady a bike helmet!  He also ordered a little bike seat so the Little Lady can ride in the front of the bike.  He plans on taking the Little Lady biking in the park when the weather gets warm.  I’ll be sure to snap some pictures when that happens!

Have an awesome weekend!


2 thoughts on “Spin

  1. I’ve been wanting to learn how to spin on my drop spindle. Maybe I can join you and Costumechick sometime.

  2. Spinning(t0 make yarn) looks like fun, maybe someday I can learn from you guys 🙂 The red yarn looks very pretty!

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