There and Back Again

Well, it’s been a whole 2 weeks since we’ve been back from vacation.  If there is one word that can sum it up, then it would be HOT! I don’t think it was ever that hot up by the river.  I’ve been going for 5 years now, and this is the first time it is unbearable, resulting me going into the 65 degree river.  Yes, I went into the river to cool down.

Both David and I took Friday off so we can pack.  Well, you see, David was in Mexico City for work till Thursday and didn’t get home till midnight.  So we didn’t pack at all!  Till Friday morning.  We went on our merry way around noon, and started our track towards Utica, to see David’s grandma. We arrived at Utica just in time for dinner.  Grandma had made pot roast for us.  YUM.  We pricelined a local hotel to stay for the night, and our Little Lady wants nothing to do with the crib, so she shared the giant king size bed with us.

Saturday morning, we met up with David’s mom, Sheryl and dad to make our way up to the cottage we rented, sight unseen.  When we finally gotten there, we were pleasantly surprised.

The cottage


Freighter in our back yard!

Just look at that view!!!!  My breath was taken away and I was excited.  We’ve seen pictures online, where we found the cottage, but pictures just don’t do its justice.   David’s two uncles, aunt, and grandma also came up to hang out for the day, and meet our little lady.  Sheryl made some awesome skewers for dinner and everyone raved about it.  Just look at them!

Oh the pretty food. YUM.

Double YUM!

David’s brother Danny arrived later the same day, and David’s brother Terry, his wife Page and son Colin arrived Sunday afternoon.  By then, it was SUPER HOT.  So hot, our little lady has heat rashes all over her legs 😦  So hot, that Dad and I ended up driving an hour to get a portable AC so we can at least cool the main room for the little lady. Of course, the weather didn’t cool down till Saturday, when we were packing to leave.  I guess at least the packing wasn’t too bad.  And instead of describing of all the thing we didn’t do, why don’t I show you what we DID do during the hot weather, minus capturing Colin going into the water, me going into the water, and the movies we saw at Drive-Ins… (we saw Toy Story 3 and A Team on Tuesday night, and Despicable Me on Friday night, they are all good!  totally recommended).

Hanging Out

Cousins first meeting



Hot AND Sleepy

This is what you get when you try to take a picture of me!

Go Cart!

A full rainbow encountered on the way home


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