A Meme of sorts

I haven’t done a meme for quite awhile now.  I was just thinking that I haven’t seen one for awhile now also!!!!  So when my friend Wife”Mom”Knitter had one on her blog, I decided to tag myself.

1. What’s your staple meal (ie. what meal do you cook most often when you can’t be bothered to be adventurous)?

Well, let me just put this up front – I am 100% adventurous.  I grew up in Taiwan, and we eat A LOT of stuff.  Let’s just leave at that.

For something quick, I would say the sausage broccoli pasta dish is the go to dish of this household.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A Broadway Singer.  I love to sing and I was pretty decent if I do say so myself.  My high school choir was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in 1998.  It was an amazing experience.

Then when I was in college, I wish I was a much better Ballroom Dancer.  I think it is amazing the way people move – so much emotions and so beautiful.  I dream that I magically was this awesome  ballroom dancer and that I was world famous. HA!

Now, I am an engineer, and a mom.  But I really want to be a yarn cafe owner.  I wouldn’t mind owning a natural parenting store either.  Oh, and be the mom, of course!

3. What book are you reading at the moment (if any)

Book?  What book?  I’ve been so slacking on the reading department.  Do princess fairy tales count?

All joking aside, I really want to read some of the knitting mysteries, The Friday Night Knitting Club, and A Good Yarn and its sequels.

4. How do you relax?

Knitting!!!  And holding Little Lady and pet her to nap/sleep also relaxes me, although that could be exhaustion talking.

5. What color are the interior walls of your home?

It depends.  The living room and craft room is white.  The dining room/baby changing room and kitchen is this pale yellow that if you don’t know, you think it’s white.  Our bedroom is medium blue (reminds me of ocean), our guest bedroom/future baby room is bamboo green, and our bathroom is blue and white.

6. What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Buying fabrics from the groups I belong.  I really need to sew some more stuff before I can justify of buying more fabrics.  Same can say about yarn.

7. What time is bedtime and getting up time?

Again, it depends.  Bedtime is usually around 11pm, unless it’s Thursday night, then lately it’s usually 1am.

Getting up time is usually 6am.  I even notice that I will wake up at 6am on the weekends now also!  But I try to force myself to go back to sleep, until Little Lady wakes me up with her babbling around 7am.

8. How long do you spend reading blogs (per day or per week)?

Too Long.  I have 178 subscriptions on my google reader, so depending on what people put on.  Although I ALWAYS reads the local blogs, and knitting blogs, I will let go most of the business blogs depending on topics.  I also subscribe a lot of savings blogs, so those usually gets skipped because they post like 30 times a day.  I only go back to read them before I go shopping.  So overall, I say about 1 hour a day and I read everyday.  WOW.  That’s a lot of time spend reading just blogs!!!

Now that I spend some time updating my blog with meme, I can then officially tell you that I finished some knitting!!!!  Shocking, I know.  But no photo yet!  Maybe I’ll post them tomorrow…  yeah, that will make me post two days in a row!  Yeah!


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