Thursday Shawl Along

I know I know, it’s not Thursday, and you have no idea what a shawl along is (says the none knitters).

Well, I named it Thursday Shawl Along because the Thursday SnB is doing the shawl along, it’s not for any specific pattern, just picking one that’s challenging for each person.

Today is cast on day.  And I saw many posts on casting on.  But there is no cast on here.  I’m still working on a test knit for Gale for her second book. It is a design from Archiknist, but I’m not sure I’m supposed to show this yet, so I’m going to keep it under wrap for now.

Back to the knit along…  I did decide on the pattern.  It’s going to be Scheherazade from Pink Lemon Twist.  It was a Mystery Stole back in 2006.  It’s so pretty in that ruby red.  Although I’ll be knitting it using a more purple-ish red (What can I say?  When I made my purchase back then, the Ruby was out of stock and they subbed it with Claret).

Now, see my pretty size SUPER MINI crochet hook and the bag of size 3 red crystals?  Well, since I’m supposed to challenge myself, I decided to place beads into the design.  I printed out all the charts, cut them up and lined them all up on the floor, (shoot away the dogs for messing up the charts, stand up, look at the pattern, color in the square where I think the bead should be in, stand up, erase for placement that I don’t think was right [helloooo crayon erasable color pencil])* and repeat* until all is well.

So I’m ready.  Now only if I can finish the test knit soon-ish so I don’t miss out on this bandwagon too!  (I didn’t finish the sweater along last time due to the Little Lady being born…  the back panel is still sitting in my yarn wall!)

And since my life is not complete without the Little Lady now, I of course need to include a cute pic of her.

Look at my big girl drinking from her Kleen Kanteen sippy!

ps.  Thank you for all your kind words regarding Bruno.  We miss him dearly, but we know it was his time, and we have make peace with it.  We are all doing pretty well.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Shawl Along

  1. I love the color of the yarn that you’ve chosen for your shawl. What a pretty red!

    The baby is cute too…but you already knew that. 😉

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