June 4th, 2010

It’s a fine day.  It is sunny, about 85 degrees.

It’s a Friday, the traffic around 3pm was horrific on I-95, as always.

It’s a day we will never forget.

In Loving Memory of Bruno “Cosmo”.

Photo taken 03/09/05

Bruno always had a way of checking you out.  I moved into his life on March 1st, 2005.  This was the first time I met him.  He did pretty well for being the top dog, I think partly because he was also moving to a new space, so the neutral-ness made it easier.  It was then, he gave his “seal of approval” of me to David.  You see, if Bruno didn’t like me, I probably wouldn’t even be here, according to David, and knowing Bruno now, I can see why.

Photo taken 08/04/05

Bruno LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED chasing squirrel, bunnies, and best of all, SKUNKS!!!!  That night, David took him out for the night time walk, and he saw a skunk in the dark…  Well, the rest is history.  An emergency trip to the store was required, and our bathroom smells like skunk and tomato for at least a couple of weeks.  As a side  note – he listens so well, we didn’t have to leash him unless we are going out for a real walk to the park.  We would open the back door, let him out, he would do his thing while we were inside doing other things, and five minutes later, we open the door, either he would be done and waiting at the door, or we just called his name and he run back.  When David lived on his own, he would opened the door and let Bruno out.  Bruno would walk himself around the block, never crossing the street, and be waiting on the door step when David was done with his shower.  Now, how many dogs do you know that do that!?

Photo taken 07/07/07

Bruno was well traveled.  I think he’d been to more states than most of the people I know – Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Georgia and a bunch of other places.  On top of that, he’d been to every single race track in the east coast!  He loved the car rides.  He would stand by the window and let the wind blow on him.  He would then open his mouth and proceed to bite the wind.  It was really cute and I wish I had a video of that.

Photo taken 11/17/09

Today, we let go our loyal friend.  We won’t forget today.  Ever.

Bruno, we miss you.


6 thoughts on “June 4th, 2010

  1. I’m so sorry – hugs!I spotted this online: ” To make Heaven the perfect resting place
    for loved ones we adore, God made sure those Pearly Gates contained a doggy door.”

  2. We’re so sorry to hear about Bruno …. he was such a good dog ….got the opportunity to enjoy his company with Granma Pudy. hugs and kisses

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