Week 7/8

Time flies when I’m having fun!  OR more appropriately, when I have a child that needs her mama!

Week 7 sent me to my postpartum check up.  I am happy to report that I got a clean bill of health and able to go back to work.  And, I don’t have to see an OB for another year!  I gotta say, going to the doctor’s every week was a bit much for me.  I mean, I understand the importance of it, but to have to drag my tired butt out of bed earlier so I can get to work earlier and then able to leave work earlier to go to my doctors every week…  Well, I was just getting a bit tired of it.

Afterwards, we stopped by Schick to drop off a dress shirt for David, and to show off our Little Lady.  I think every single person that saw her said, “Look at all that hair!!!!” or some variation of that.

I think that’s all the excitement we had that week.  Although I forgot to mention that I had a SnB Holiday Gathering the weekend before at my house!  Now how do I forget that!?  I made dumplings and turkey and cranberry raviolis as main course, and everyone brought something to share.  And yes, I had forgotten to take a picture of all the food and friends!  But I do have a photo of the decorated mantle though:

Week 8 brought us Christmas.  And right before that – a practice drop off our Little Lady to day care.  Yeah, I can’ believe it either!  I’m going back to work in two weeks!!!!  The drop off was a bit chaotic, because I forgot the registration form and her health records.  On top of that, I forgot to pack extra clothes for her, and she had a boo boo and needs changing…  yeah…  it was a mess.

The plan was David would drop me off at the DMV so I can renew my license.  In the mean time, David would run home to get her an outfit and extra clothes for the day care to have as back up.  Well, there was NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE, at the DMV!  It was around noon time!  Granted, it’s one of those license only place, but still!!!  So I was in and out within five minutes.  I called David to see where he’s at.  Turned out due to right before the holiday and the last minute shopping, he didn’t get too far at all because of traffic!  And there was no way he was gonna be back at day care before 1pm.  We ended up going the opposite direction and run to KMart and got her a super cute outfit, which was perfect for Santa pictures.

After we picked up our Little Lady, we braved the mall to get her Santa pictures.  It wasn’t actually too bad, surprisingly.  We even got a parking spot near the door!  Little Lady was so exhausted at this point she was sound asleep.  I guess too much commotion with the clothes changing and being in a strange place with all strangers.  So when it was her turn to take a photo with Santa, she was completely asleep!  She only stirred slightly when we took her out of the car seat and again when I hand her over to Santa.   And here we were worrying she’s gonna have a crying picture with Santa!  HA!

The next day, WifeMomKnitter came by to hang out for a little while.  Little Lady gave her a big smile, although I didn’t capture that.  Instead, I got these:

So cute!

Oh, and I built my first ever gingerbread house on Christmas Eve:

It certainly isn’t the best thing I’ve ever made, but it was fun:

(Note to self:  Next year, wait till the icing dry a little before put on the candies)

And this is what became of the snowman:

Yup.  He was yummy.

And I leave you this week with these:


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