Week 6

This week brings us to our Little Lady’s second pediatrician appointment, aka. one month check up.  I know, not exactly one month since she’s already 6 weeks old!  But she did so well the last time, she didn’t need another check up at week 4.

Since we already going to be in the area, I scheduled my dental cleaning right before her appointment at 8am.  When we were finally seen (it wasn’t too long of a wait at the pediatricians since our appt was 9 and we were seen around 9:15), Dr. Jeff was impressed that I had already had my dental cleaning done.

So here is the stats for our little lady –

  • Date:  December 11, 2009 @ 9:30am
  • Weigh:  8 lbs 10 oz, 50 percentile
  • Height:  21 1/4 in, 40 percentile
  • Shots:  2nd dose of Hep. B

We had a little concern for our Little Lady few days before check up, because she was crying all the time and seems to be always hungry.  She was definitely in one of her growth spurts, but the first time around, she wasn’t as bad.  We were worried that I wasn’t producing enough milk for her.  Few of David’s coworkers had said that it’s because she’s already month and half old, and it’s time to mix some baby cereal with the breastmilk to fill her up.  Hmmm…  From what I read and understood, babies are not supposed to have solid foods till way later!  Like 6 months!  Needless to say, I rejected that idea after David told me what he learned.  But I did tell him we’ll ask Dr. Jeff.  Well, after expressing our concern, this is what Dr. Jeff said, “Well, the average weigh gain is about one pound per month.  She’s gained two pounds, I think I’ll let you keep her for a little awhile.”  Well, that settles it.

So yeah, our Little Lady is growing like a weed!

That’s her usual pose after feeding – wiggling around like a fish.  And to prove to you she’s getting so big:

See!  She’s riding Mick like a pony already!  Alright, MAYBE David is holding her up… 🙂


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