Week 5

And mama is playing Susie Homemaker, with our little lady hanging out!

Yup.  She’s just hanging out in the wrap.  She loves that thing once she’s in it.  She will sleep like 3 or 4 hours in the thing!  Although the trick is getting her in it!

Since I got my hands back with the usage of the wrap, I decided to try out something I’ve been wanting to do for the past year:  Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day!

I first heard about them through Gale.  All of us went to Ann and Mike’s Holiday Party and she brought a loaf of bread.  Then she told us she didn’t knead it and it really take like 2 minutes to put together.  I was curious.  I love bread, but I really hate paying a lot of money for a good loaf of bread because I can’t eat it all myself, and it gets rock hard the next day and gets thrown away.  I checked the book out from the library this past summer, but we were moving so I didn’t get to bake anything from it.  Finally, couple of weeks ago, I bite the bullet and bought the books.  Of course, baking bread require good equipment, so David and I went up to William Sonoma and bought a baking stone.  (William Sonoma has a lifetime guarantee on baking stones.  If it breaks, just bring it to any William Sonoma, no questions asked!)  But of course, our lovely european oven is small and the stone sticks out an inch because of the way the racks are set up!!!  DOH!  But no fear, the engineer is thinking!  And here is my new contraption for baking breads in our extra small oven:

I took the racks out and put in a pizza stand, and put the stone on top!  HA!  And I even purchased a thermometer to make sure the oven temp.  To my surprise, our oven is RIGHT ON TARGET!  Most of home ovens varies up to 75 degrees, and mine is right on!  I guess I can’t really make fun of my extra small oven anymore.  (It turned out the oven we got costs like 1000 bucks retail – I looked it up on google.  Who knew?)

It took me a minute to get the bread out and shape it.  Rest, then stick it in the oven for half an hour, out comes this:

Nice hard crust on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside – just how I like my bread!  Although, I have to say, this first batch of dough didn’t rise much when baked.  I later noticed a hole on my saran wrap for my makeshift container.  So I fixed it buy purchasing real food storage containers:

One is regular boule dough from the original book, and the other container has gluten free boule dough from the second book.

Besides baking bread, I had been cooking up a storm.  But no photos!!!  I know!!!!  Weird, huh?  I made these awesome cheese filled chicken, based on this recipe, but instead of blue cheese, pecan and scallions, I stuffed it with asiago, Mexican blend and Parmesan cheese, and I wrap each breast with two slices of bacon.  It is YUMMY!  Even David, who DOES NOT like chicken, comment how good it is and that I can make it again, which I did, but added cream cheese to the mix as well.  (cream cheese was a good addition, in case you want to make it)

I’ve also saw the maple cookies recipe while going through my long list of blogs, and couldn’t resist trying them out.  And let me tell ya, they are AMAZING!

I didn’t have Grade B maple syrup, so I used what I had on hand, which is VT Grade A.  I also skipped the walnuts, since Paul is allergic to them, and I just dislike nuts (or fruit) in my cookies.  The cookies has just a little crunch on the outside by the edge, and soft and chewy with every bite.  SOOO GOOOOOOD!

So on the knitting front, I got nothing.  But!  I’ve sewn a diaper!!!  LOOKIE!!

Christmas Ooga Booga!!!  Ooga Boogas are just little monsters. Samantha from Little Comet Tail was looking for pattern testers and since I needed some more diapers, I volunteered for the new born size.  And they are quite fun to sew actually!

Oh, all the talk of food…  Our little lady is hungry NOW.  Time to go!


6 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. I have that bread book and I love it. My favorite recipe is for the american bread ( I think that is the name) you make it in a loaf pan! so good.

    It was good seeing you in stop and shop the other day and the baby is so cute. You forget how small they really are at that age.

  2. The bread looks delicious!

    I have those same food storage containers at home. You gotta love Cambro!

    Little Miss is getting cuter and cuter every time I see her.

  3. I need to buy that book. The bread looks so, so yum! And the baby is precious. I remember when I discovered how much I could get done with a sling. They’re so worth every penny once you find one you like. Congrats on your wee babe!

  4. Wow! Just *look* at all that baking! I’m still incubating my little one and I don’t have time to bake – how do you find it? 🙂 She’s adorable! And I’m going to have to check out that diaper cover pattern. It turned out so cute!!

  5. Heavy sigh! That bread looks delish!!! And the wee one is too sweet in the wrap. Thx for stopping over at my blog – my twins are fairly rare I think to have the twin speak as deeply inserted into their language process as it is. Many twins have their own language – it’s a wil thing watching identical twins grow. Best wishes to your friend who just had twins – hope she finds a local twins club. Ours is wonderful for support.


  6. Oh, your little one is just beautiful. Hang on tight. They grow too fast.

    Thank you for taking time to comment on my post during Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway day. It’s so nice to meet you.

    I’d love for you to participate in Childhood: The Fine Print project if you have the time. Looks like you have lots of beautiful little moments to capture.

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