Week Two

Yay!  We made it to two weeks and she hasn’t gotten sick of us yet!!!!

Alright, I know, neither she nor we have a choice.  This is for real!  Yes, it has sunk in that I’m a parent now, and yes, I’m enjoying this tremendously.

So this past week, we had a few fits and long nights, but nothing unusual or unexpected.  on Friday, CostumeChick came and paid a visit.  It was so nice to have house guests!!!!  Although my house is a mess!  But I didn’t care then!  I felt like a cave-woman!!!!

So yesterday, the official two week day, Samantha and I had a little outing!!!!  I had to pick up a book from the library, or they would put it back on the shelf.  I made sure Samantha was fed, changed, cleaned and dressed, which amazingly, we left right on time (I targeted departure time of 3pm and we did!!!)

I forgot to take a photo of her in her super cute cupcake outfit, with her “I Love Mommy” onsie.  Although you can kinda tell the little butterfly hair clip on her right side.  I got these most adorable hair clips from Pretty Pretties.  Brandy is a work at home mom and the hair clips are really well made and the cutest I’ve seen around!

After the library, we went and pick up David at our mechanics, and we headed to the new Whole Foods!  Did I tell you how excited I am about this!?  I’ve never been to one before and always heard awesome things about that store.  And let me tell ya, we (David and I) both love the store!  It’s a bit pricey, but I’m willing to pay a little more if that means I get better, wholesome food for the family.

We were there for couple of hours, and Samantha was so good.  She was just sleeping in the car seat inside the push cart!  She only stirred AFTER we left the store (I think because of the temp change – it was cold out!) and she promptly went back to sleep once the car started moving.

We were out since 3pm and we didn’t get home till around 6:30pm or so.  It was so great to know our little girl is so cooperative!  Maybe this means a future trip to SnB  this Thursday???  Maybe.  We’ll see!

And I leave you with this beautiful bonding photo of Father/Daughter:

(alright, more like exhausting sleeping duo, but I thought bonding is a better word! ;))


3 thoughts on “Week Two

  1. oohhh don’t get our hopes up with and SnB trip and then it not happen. Now you are committed. Okay not really, you do have a 2 week old so you have an out.

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