Week One

Well…  We all survived the first week!!!!  And I have to say, both David and I are completely in love with our little Samantha!

If you know me before I was pregnant, you probably have heard me said that David and I had made a deal that I just need to worry about bring the baby into the world and he’ll take care the rest.  Well, it doesn’t quite work out that way, which I’m sure you all already know.

On Monday, Samantha turned one week old.  And I almost forgot to take pictures!  (Can you believe that!?  Me?  Forgetting to take pictures!?)  But I got one before the night is over.


Oh, by the way, that Sleeper she’s in?  well, it’s probably one of the best purchases we made so far.  We wanted to co-sleep, but were afraid of rolling over her, which I know, supposedly doesn’t happen cuz the human instinct, blah blah blah…  But the fear is still there.  So we were gonna get a Arm’s Reach co-sleeper, but it was kinda pricey and it was going to be used for only a little while.  Then we came upon this and bought it on Halloween, talking about just in time!

David’s Dad, Sher and David’s brother Dan came to visit over the weekend.  Sher was super helpful and cleaned the house that made lots and lots of beef stew, matzo ball soup and wild rice soup!  YUM.  Thanks Grandma GiGi!!!!



Some other milestones that happened this past week:

1.  Samantha had her first bath!!!  Well, that greasy hair look just isn’t gonna cut it.  Gotta teach the girl how to have beautiful hair!



She was such a trooper!  She didn’t fuss at all at the touch of the water!  Or soap!

2.  We went to the first week appointment with Dr. Jeff (yes, her pediatrician’s name is Dr. Jeff!).  She was a good girl and didn’t fuss then either!  She let Dr. Jeff do what he needed to do to examine her.  She only let out one cry when Dr. Jeff put some silver stuff on her belly button to dry it out.

Oh!  And she now weighs 6 lbs 12 oz!!!!  Her discharge weight was 6 lbs 4 oz and she has surpassed her birth weight!!!!  So she’s skipping the two weeks appt and going back in one month for her shots and stuff!  So proud of my little girl! 🙂

Of course, she’s gotta have some cute outfits on for her first outing, even though it’s a doctor’s appointment!  I mean I had to!  That girl likes to sleep only in her diaper!  So any chance this mama gets, she’s gotta be all dressed up:


And underneath that cute outfit, is a cute onesie:


Excuse the hairdo.  She got a quick bath this morning before the appointment and the fleece jacket made her hair all stand up!!!  Although it’s kinda cute!  (outfits courtesy of Grandma GiGi!)

Ok.  You are probably all wondering what happened to all the hand knits!?  Well, she’s still itty bitty so none of the handknits fit her!!!  I KNOW!  Imagine my dismay at the hospital when I was trying put a going home outfit on her and found out none of the handknits fit right now!  Don’t worry, they will be used!!!

But one handmade item got used a lot!  See the orange tag blankie underneath her?  She looooves sleeping on it!  She isn’t old enough to play with the tags yet, but she likes the added soft feel of the blanket itself.  So Thank You so much to PeacefulKnitter!!!  Now I gotta go make some more myself!

3.  She doesn’t hate the swing/bouncer!!!


Well, she doesn’t like the swinging part, but she likes the vibration of the bouncer part!  We tried the swinging part and I think even in the slowest setting, the swing is too fast and swings too wide for her.  Maybe when she is older.  But she slept on the bouncer for like 3 hours the other day!  Phew!  Although her favorite place to sleep is on my chest/tummy.  But it’s nice to get a little break for myself if I could.

I think that’s the major milestones of the first week of her life.  At least that’s all I can think of anyways.  And unfortunately for you, I have not knit or sew at all.  And I don’t foresee too much of crafting in the near future either…  I’ve been trying to nap while she naps during the day.  Although she sleeps through the night pretty well so I don’t know why I’m doing it, but it feels good! 🙂

Oh, that girl is hungry…


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