I CAN Sew!

Yes, I’m bragging!  Just want to make that clear! 😀

I’m getting really close to my due date, and I’m running out of time to make things!!!!  My Bradley classes bud Kristie came over last weekend to motivate me to make stuff.  Plus it’s just more fun to have others doing the same craft with ya anyways!


Pattern – Chickpea Infant Bib by Chickpea Sewing Studio
Fabrics Used –  100% Cotton Rib Knits in Whale Pattern & Organic Bamboo Loop Terry
Accessory Used – KAM Plastic Engraved Snaps, Monkey in Bright Blue, Size 20
Sewn – October 18, 2009

Yes, I made another bib.  This time, I used a piece of scrap I got, it is rib knits, and I decided that I really don’t like working with it because of the stretch!  It worked out fine in the end, but there were lots of cursing and swearing while making this.


Pattern –  Chickpea Infant Bib by Chickpea Sewing Studio

Fabrics Used –  Fleece in Cow Print & Organic Bamboo/Hemp Fleece
Accessory Used – KAM Plastic Engraved Snaps, Ivory long prong, Size 20
Sewn – October 18, 2009

Pattern –  Kristie’s

Fabrics Used –  Fleece in Cow Print
Accessory Used – Approx. 12″ of 3/4″ non-roll elastic
Sewn – October 18, 2009

Aren’t those cow prints awesome!?  Kristie got like a million yards of it so we decided to have fun with it.  She made up the pants pattern by following a pair of baby pants I got for my shower.  I just follow suit and copied hers! 🙂  I plan on making a little hat using the leftover fleece she shared with me as well.

Besides making items for myself, I decided that PeacefulKnitter‘s baby needs a little sewing love as well.  So for her shower, which I attended yesterday, I made up these cute little alphabets:


Pattern –  Plush Alphabets by Chez Beeper Bebe
Fabrics Used –  26 100% Cotton Prints in Color Wheel effects and Warm & Natural Cotton Batting in Natural from Joann’s Fabrics
Accessory Used – Fray Check
Sewn – October 21, 2009 to October 24, 2009

I love these!  They are so cute and I think every baby should have a set!  Just not made by me!  HA!  If you look closely, you’ll see the flaws on many curve part of the letters, but hey, it’s handmade, what did you expect?  As long as PeacefulBably likes it, that’s all it matters!  Oh, one modification – I didn’t put the magnets in there.

And to contain those little alphabets, I decided to make a draw string bag for it.  Of course, I was too ambitious and wanted to do a patchwork one and didn’t finish in time for the shower, but I did finish it after I came home from the shower!


Pattern –  Reversible Patchwork Bag by Pink Penguin
Fabrics Used –  18 100% Cotton Prints
Accessory Used – 44″ of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in Tinsel White
Sewn – October 24, 2009

I used the fabrics leftover from the alphabets so they coordinate.  Granted the patches don’t all line up, but I have to say, for first time “quilting”, that ain’t so bad!  And here is what’s the inside look like:


It’s just one color instead of the patchwork, but I really like that print!  So this will go to the Peaceful household the next time I see PeacefulKnitter.

I think I’m gonna go make something else now…  D-Day:  T minus 1!!!!


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