Cutest Bib Ever Stats


As promised…  some stats on this cutie!

Pattern – Chickpea Infant Bib by Chickpea Sewing Studio
Fabrics Used –  100% Cotton Knits in Volkswagen Bug Pattern & Organic Hemp French Terry
Accessory Used – KAM Plastic Engraved Snaps, Volkswagen Bug in Bright Blue or Jade, Size 20
Sewn – October 5, 2009

I actually saw this pattern at another blog, which I can’t remember where currently.  I was prepping a diaper pattern and thought this would be a perfect experiment project before the complicated diapers.

The pattern came in pieces.  I cut up the pieces and taped them together.  Of course, it was only half of the pattern, just like the diaper ones.  So after having a nice little discussion with CostumeChick the other day about how to approach the half pattern, she gave me a great idea to use up all the paper bags I had from going shopping with my parents! (She said to use the brown paper that the kids wrap their books in.)


I folded the paper in half and drawn out the half template.  Then I just cut and viola!  One full pattern!  Oh, and that’s part of the Kenneth Cole bag. 🙂

And the bib currently doesn’t have any snaps on yet.  I ordered the snaps tonight so it should come in couple of days.  If you clicked on the link above, and scroll down, you can see the snaps I plan on using.  I did buy the dies awhile ago though.  David’s friend had a spared press laying around and he gave it to me for free.  David had the press modified to fit the dies that I purchased and now I have a working snap press for 10 bucks! 🙂  Not too shabby I must say.  (the complete set of press and dies cost about 100 bucks!)

So there you have it.  I think this definitely boost my confidence on sewing.  And CostumeChick, HedwigBC and BackstageKnits will be so proud of me! 🙂


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