This Is One Lucky Baby!

The showers are over, but the baby continues to get items…  I am absolutely floored  on how generous my friends are.  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

So here is another item we received after the two showers (actually, it came via FedEx today!):




Isn’t that quilt gorgeous!?  My friend Esther made it!!!!  She couldn’t join us for shower #2, but she took her time and made this for me baby.  It really means a lot to me.

A little history of how Esther and I had become friends – I was a poor sophomore, living off campus, trying to figure out how to work and made enough money to pay my $300/mo rent and everything else that comes with living, without a car.  So one of the things I did was work study.  Now, you don’t always get to pick where you want to work study, but I got lucky that year and was placed for my #1 choice.  Granted, I had no idea what I would be doing, but I figure at least I get to work in the engineering building, where most of my classes are held.

I remember my first day – I walked into the little office, and Esther was facing her computer, which was away from the door.  I was a bit intimidated, not knowing what to expect.  Esther set me up on what I need to do, and our friendship started on that day.

Esther is sassy and funny.  She is also sarcastic and have lots of common sense.  And did I mention she makes some mean sauce and meatballs?  When I graduated from RPI, she offered to teach me how to make the sauce and meatballs, from scratch, and that recipe is permanently glued to my fridge, so I can always reference it when I needed it.

Thank you Esther, for being a great friend, and for the beautiful quilt for this baby.


On a completely different note, but still related to baby, I went to Babies R Us this past week for one of their workshop on breastfeeding.  Now, I’m not expecting much.  The workshop was sponsored by Medela, which I thought would be good if a rep was there so I can ask questions on the different breastpumps.  Well, it was just a video.  Yup.  Run by a girl who looks like in her early twenties that doesn’t know anything about breastfeedining or pumping.  All she did was put the video on, gave us a coupon to use for the day, and promoted BRU.  I guess I was still expecting too much.

After the video, I decided to shop around since I had some gift cards and there were still some items we needed for the baby.  After being in there THREE HOURS – yes, you read that right, three freaking hours…  the place is freaking huge and there are so much stuff!  I was completely overwhelmed and I read slow, so that didn’t help…  I came home with these:


The car stuff that I completely forgot we need!!!  And to make the coupon works, I picked up two sets of the organic mittens so the baby don’t chew/scratch him/her-self.  I don’t think I’ll be going there all by myself anymore…  Just saying.

Oh, and I also got this in the mail:


I had entered a contest on Sew, Mama, Sew! last month and won this book.  The unique thing about this book is that all the items identified in this book look liked they are sewn into the book.  It’s really cute!

Well, it’s getting late…  Time to research on diapers…  Yes, we need those too!  And we are going to the Big E tomorrow!  YAY!  We didn’t get to go last year because of the wedding and honeymoon.  Not gonna miss it this year!

Oh, and I should probably do a post on all the things I had purchased along the way for the baby, huh?  That’s a post for another day then.


2 thoughts on “This Is One Lucky Baby!

  1. That quilt is beautiful. I love that she chose primary colors and not the usual muted pastels that you associate with babies.

    Very wise on purchasing the baby stuff for the car. It comes in handy, or so I hear.

    Have fun at the Big E!!!

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