Shower’ed #2

This past Saturday, I had my second shower, hosted by my very good friend Mel.  Mel drove down from Albany Friday night, and we spent some time making chocolate cover pretzels and cute ducky cupcakes for the festivity.

We also decorate the place a bit, but unfortunately my prego brain isn’t all that together so I didn’t take any pictures!  She got a cute big banner that says “Baby Shower” and baloons for the outside and some more baloons and little banners for the inside.

Saturday morning, David’s mom came to help us clean up the house a bit – even David helped cleaning by vacuuming all the dog fur (or maybe I should say dog tumble-fur)!!!!

The shower was potluck style and everyone brought something to share.  There were shortbread (from HedwigBC), veggie pizza (from BackstageKnits), fruit salad (from Claire), fruit platter (from WifeMomKnitter), veggie platter (from Jessie), cheesecake (from Karen), cherry-raspberry pah (from CostumeChick), chocolate bundt cake (from Anphoe), rice crispy treats (from leopardgirl), blueberry oatmeal cookies (from NutmegKnitter) and this apple-snicker candy bar-cool whip salad thing (from PeacefulKnitter).  Yes, you read that right, that apple-snicker candy bar-cool whip salad thing…  it may not sound all that appealing to you, but let me tell ya, it was amazing!  If you want to try it, you’ll have to ask PeacefulKnitter for the recipe!

2009.09.12 Baby Shower

As you can see, we were not the only ones having a good time!  The two girls that came also did!  They found a new hiding place and had a great time themselves!  Oh yeah, see my new sewing table?  Yup, they are hiding underneath it.    Oh, and Scott was there to hang out with David, so David doesn’t feel so alone on the whole “I’m the only guy in this house!”  Although I think he can probably handle it if Scott didn’t show though. 🙂

Of course, here are some close up of the goodies:

See that swing?  It’s actually a swing and a bouncer!  I think it’s the only one in the market right now that does both!  All the other ones we saw are either a bouncer or a swing, not both!  We wanted to see what it looks like we opened the box immediately, but there were so many different pieces, so we gave up on the idea.  David assembled it on Sunday and tried it out.  It is pretty awesome.  It actually has a space to let you plug in a MP3 player so you can play any music you want to the baby!!!

And, needless to say, having many knitting friends has it’s perks – hand knits!!!!  Did I tell you how much I love to receive hand made goodies!?  (Who doesn’t?!)  Again, this baby is going to be the best dressed baby on the block!  And not just items to wear, but also accessaries!!!!  Even the bottles got some hand knitted cozies!

Yes, we are lucky, indeed.  Thank you everyone, for all the useful, beautiful gifts you showered us.  And thank you Mel for hosting this awesome shower/party!!! 🙂


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