Shower’ed #1

I, jennsquared, am a lucky girl.

Just want to put it out there.

I have lots of friends and family.  They are kind, generous, and talented.  And I have pictures to prove it to you.

On Thusday,  Liz R, who sits behind me at Sikorsky, made me a honey pound cake to celebrate the baby.  She couldn’t come to the shower the next day, so she wanted to do something for me.


Let me tell ya, it was YUMMY!  And she also gave me this:


For someone who didn’t check out my registry, she was RIGHT ON!  🙂  I actually had registered the teether!

Another lady, Cindy, couldn’t come either, so she had left these on my desk before she left for the day:


Everything coordinates!  Man, my baby is going to dress better than I am!

On Friday September 4th, my co-worker/friend Liz M. threw me a shower at Betucci’s.  She managed to coordinate with Louise from Schick (where I used to work) and invited my friends from both Sikorsky and Schick to the shower.


It was very sweet of Liz, especially she’s getting married this coming weekend!!!  Thanks girl for such a great success on the shower!  Everyone had a good time!

2009.09.04 Baby Shower

See, didn’t I say I was a lucky girl!?  Well, maybe I should say our baby is one lucky baby!  Look at all the stuff!!!!  And all the cute clothes!!!!  Well, can’t see well enough?  Here are some close up!

Click on each picture to enbiggen!

Words can’t express how grateful I am to have so many wonderful friends.  And the beautiful and useful gifts I recevied will be well used and treasured.

AND!  That’s not it!  I didn’t just have one shower.  I had two!!!!  But due to bad lighting, I didn’t get to take pictures of all the items I/baby got.  So we’ll leave that post for tomorrow.  🙂  So stay tuned!!!


3 thoughts on “Shower’ed #1

  1. I love the Dr. Brown bottles. I used them with both of my daughters and thought that they were great. But buy some extra little brushes for the tubes inside! I lost those brushes all the time!

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