Anyone there?

It’s been awhile, huh?  I know.  I’ve been busy!  I coudn’t even use being pregnant and lazy as an excuse!  I actually have been traveling quite a bit, and we are MOVING!  YIKES!  Luckily, this time, I don’t have to lift much! 🙂

I actually have quite a few post constructed out in draft mode but have been lacking pictures, so instead of trying to post those, I decided to ask for public opinion on my Sweater KAL project.

My SnB friends had decided to do this KAL so that we can start something new and really keep us all on track.  There is no restriction on which sweater to make, as long as it is a sweater.  And here is where I need your help – I can’t decide which one!  I’m going to list the sweaters that I have my eyes on and please feel free to leave a comment on what you think I should start on August 1st.  (All links are Ravelry!)

Central Park Hoodie with Carodan Fam Worsted in Bracken

Central Park Hoodie

I’ve been eyeing this pattern for awhile now.   I like the fact that it’s a cardigan so I can choose not to button the lower part.  Draw Back:  I don’t have the pattern.

EDIT:  07/18/09 – I apparently have a copy of that magazine!!!! DOH!  I unpacked my knitting books and magazines today at the other house and found it!  HA!

Nuss with Farmhouse Yarn Silk Blend in Spiced Pumpkin or Sugar Plum OR Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Brick


Another cardigan.  I like the flare design so it’s meant to not button the lower cardigan.  Plus I have some beautiful fine silver buttons I made I think will be perfect for this.  (more on the buttons at a later post).  Draw Back:  I don’t have the pattern.

Celtic Icon with Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Brick or Schaefer Yarn Judith in Ash

Celtic Icon

This pattern is the reason I bought the book!!!!  I just love cables!  I think this pattern has zipper closure.  I like the double zipper on one of the fellow Raveler’s picture.  Plus I will learn how to sew a zipper.  Draw Back:  I have no idea how to sew a zipper on anything!

Mommy Snug with Dye in the Wool Worsted or Farmhouse Yarn Andy’s Merino in Sunflower, Lavender or Wine Rose

Mommy Snug

Well, I don’t think I have to explain why I thought of making this.  It’s cute and I’ll certainly need a sweater in October.  Draw Back:  Would I still be able to wear it AFTER the baby is born and it won’t look wear on non-pregnant person?

Loppem with Classic Elite Premeir in Black or Lola 100% Shetland


I really like this short sleeve cardi.  It seems very versitle and I just love the design.  I do have to confess – I love most of Norah’s designs.  Plus!  I have the pattern for this!  Draw Back:  If I decided to use the shetland, I will have to measure out the yardage before I begin. (Which of course, shetland is the one I’m considering)

Pucker with Farmhouse Yarn Silk Blend in Spiced Pumpkin or Sugar Plum OR Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Brick


Another Norah’s master piece 🙂  I like the loose fit and it will be a nice summer/fall sweater.  Draw Back:  I don’t have the pattern.

Minimalist with Schaefer Yarn Miss Priss in Tomato


I must have fell off the bandwagon of making this.  Or I was in the la la land, because few of my friends had made this and I really like them!  I don’t know why I haven’t make them yet!  I have the yarn AND pattern on this!  Draw Back:  I just did a quick calculation on yarn – I may run out!  I’m about 30 yards short!  YIKES!

Mr. Greenjeans with Schaefer Yarn Miss Priss in Tomato


Well, I have the yarn call for AND the pattern is on Knitty!  I don’t think I can be pass that up as a possibility!  Draw Back:  I can’t think of any!

Bombay Love with Schaefer Yarn Lola in Tomato, Chamomile, Thistle or Sage OR Schaefer Yarn Laurel in Sedum OR Kona Bay Cotton in Red, Olive or Light Blue

Bombay Love

Lets say it together… awwwww…  how cute!  And no, this is not an indication of me knowing the sex of the baby.  Yes, I’m hoping for a girl, but we still have no idea.  I figure I can make it, satisfy myself on the cuteness, and if I don’t have a girl, I know there are couple of twin girls that will be born just before my baby arrives.  (Yes, Itchy, you may be the owner of this cutenss!)  Draw Back:  It is CROCHET!  Nothing against it at all, but it will be my third FULL CROCHET items!  Could be an interesting experience, for sure!

OK.  There you have it.  Let the voting begin!  Please don’t be shy and cast your vote in the comments section!!!!  Yes, Sheryl, you can vote too! 🙂  I’ll tally the vote on Friday 7/24 around dinner time!


12 thoughts on “Hellooo-lloo-lloo-lo-lo…

  1. Oh my word – I think you have just enabled me to added several more sweaters to my queue!! I made and love love love Central Park Hoodie (Nancy has my copy of the pattern, otherwise I would lend it to you). Love those baby sweaters (another reason I must learn crochet!) I think I’m leaning towards Mr. Greenjeans as well, but I think in the end I will give my vote to Celtic Icon (or Nuss…. they are all awesome and would suit you!)

  2. I can see why you can’t decide…these are all really great sweaters/cardi’s. I’ve thought about it, and I’ll cast my vote for Loppem.

  3. Loppem or Mr. Greenjeans (which I’ve decided to do).

    If however, you do decide on the Central Park Hoodie, I can loan you my pattern.

  4. OK, let’s start with the ones I’d rule out: Mr. Greenjeans looks a bit odd on the model, esp with only one button–in my experience, if something looks odd on the model, it’s going to look even weirder on me. Mommy Snug may indeed not work on you post-pregnancy. And Minimalist is a little boring (and you may run out of yarn).

    Of the others, I think Loppem would look super cute on you, but it may be a little similar to things you already have. Pucker is also very cute, but as a summer sweater, it’s not that versatile, and depending on how long it takes you to knit it, it may be too cold to wear it by the time you’re done?

    So that leaves CHP, Nuss, Celtic Icon, and the baby sweaters. Nuss has the advantage of being a little more work-appropriate than the others, but they’re all great. For Celtic Icon, there is no reason to be afraid of zippers–how will you learn a new skill if you don’t try it? And I think you should make the baby sweaters ALSO, regardless of what grown-up sweater you choose! 🙂

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