Take Me Out to the Ball Game

I have to say, growing up, I watched a lot of baseball games on TV.  My dad was a gadget fan so he will always have the latest and the greatest.  Satellite TV was just starting to become popular in Taiwan, and needless to say, we were the first to get it among my friends.  But maybe because of all those baseball TV time, or maybe because I have absolutely no athletic skills, I was not that into baseball – until college.  I wouldn’t call myself a die hard fan that will NEVER miss a game, but I wouldn’t mind it if it’s on TV (unless it conflicts with my other favorite shows).  AND, I will watch football over baseball any day, unless Red Sox is in World Series.

Back in February, I had scored us some Green Monster tickets by patiently sitting next to the computer for an hour, waiting for the lottery screen to refresh for my chance of purchase those precious.  They are by no means cheap, but of course, the view isn’t either:


On April 18th, David and I drove to Riverside and took the green line into Fenway.  We met up with Scott and his son T for the game.  T being only 11 was completely surprised and super excited to no end after learning earlier that he was going to sit up at the Green Monster!  I don’t blame him – how many 11 years old you know that went on the Green Monster?

Being only mid April, it was still chilly.  I had worn many layers but my legs were frozen!  David went and got me a way overpriced Red Sox blanket to keep me warm.  (It was a good investment)  The game started promptly at 7:10 and we were intensely immersed in the game.  One thing I should mention about the Green Monster – it is really exclusive.  Unless you have the Green Monster tickets, you will not be allowed to enter.  There are personnel standing by the staircase the entire game to ensure of that.  And the Green Monster has their own food stand and bathroom, which made it super convenient.

During the game, David and Scott were explaining to T why we can never get some of the home run balls from some players because due to physics, they aren’t able to hit the ball our way.  As we were talking about it, Youkilis hit one right towards us!  The only homerun in that game!  If it weren’t for the gust of the wind, the ball would have landed perfectly on me.  The lucky bastard guy two seats away from me got it in the end.  I think David would have run over me to fight for it if it weren’t for that I was pregnant.


And yes, we were on TV for two seconds.  That was my claim of fame.

Claim of Fame!

The game was so much fun, even though we were so cold by the end of it.


Here are some other pictures we took:




I’m glad we had the opportunity to go.  If I have a chance to go again, I totally would.  Would I pay for it again?  Absolutely not.


2 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  1. T is 11? How is that possible!! 🙂 Did Scott tell you about the game we went to where it kept raining, so they would put the tarp on the field, then it would stop, so they would take the tarp off….that was *fun*. 😦

    Love the Red Sox! And I love that you were so darn close to my college!

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