Fashion Show

Upon a few request of seeing my bump and my newly purchased dresses for the upcoming weddings I’m attending, I decided to do a little fashion show on my back porch:


This outfit shows my bump really well.  It is a $3.00 bargain shirt at the maternity section from Goodwill and my awesome $20 score of Express Editor Pink Pants with Alexis in Wisconsin back so many years ago (that you can’t see).  How am I still fitting in those you asked?  Thanks to the magic Bella Band, I am still able to wear all my regular pants un buttoned!


Next up is the beautiful Poppy Flower dress found at Destination Maternity at the Promenaude at Evergreen Hills.  We were way early for the movie “UP” so we went across to find me some grubs.  Destination Maternity was on the way to Moe’s, and was having this huge side walk sale (75% off!) so we wondered in.  I think I will wear this dress to the rehearsal dinner next Friday.  (As a side note, UP was really good.  But don’t go without some tissue!  There are some really touching moments in the movie.)


On Sunday, CostumeChick, BackStageKnits, and I went up to West Farm mall to find some dresses for me for the weddings.  We scored this at H&M of all places!  The dress is not a maternity dress, but it is roomy and comfortable for me.  It was inexpensive (~ $39) and I will be able to wear it again after I have the baby!  I can see myself dress it down to wear it to work, or dress it up for a wedding.  I’m probably going to wear this to the wedding next Saturday.  I’m thinking red jewelry and red nail colors…  I don’t own any red shoes though… hmmm…


This was found at Caché.  I *HEART* that store.  Always had.  It is, again, not a maternity dress.  I can see myself in this for many summers to come.  It was 50% off, plus additional 10% because one of the strap is defective (it can be easily sewn back in place).  I’m thinking of wearing that to the rehearsal dinner for the August Wedding.


This is another great find from H&M (~ $55).  It is super comfy and flow-y.  As you can see, plenty of room for me to grow into even though it is not a maternity dress, and wearing this to the August wedding is definitely not a problem.  I’m thinking of wearing my black pearls set of jewelry that I wore for my reception.

And while we are at fashion, I might as well show you this shawl I made as a wedding present for my cousin:


Pattern – Icarus Shawl by Miriam L. Felton (Ravelry Link Here)
Yarn Used – 2.5 skeins of A Touch of Twist Aussie in Ebony
Needles – Harmony size 4
Gauge – N/A
Knit – February 21, 2009 to May 20, 2009

I have to say, I was bored while knitting this, hence it took me so long.  Plus for awhile I was low in energy so I didn’t get to knit it either.  This, however, could be a really great beginner shawl – a little bit of lace edging that’s just enough to start learning lace, but simple stockinette and yarn overs makes up the majority of the shawl.  Of course, if you just want a easy shawl pattern that you can take along to SnB or watch TV with, this could be good for you as well.

Well, what better way to end this fashion show with a fashion no-no?  This is a dress I tried on to show that some retro styles should just NOT be allowed to come back, EVER:



9 thoughts on “Fashion Show

  1. I love the two long dresses a lot and you look great in the kneelengh black and white one! Cute bump! Preganancy suits you very well 😉

  2. All the dresses are so pretty. The shawl is absolutely beautiful. Maybe someday I’ll get around to making a shawl.

  3. I like all those dresses (and how great is it that some aren’t maternity?! I have a few maternity tops that I still wear – they are either clingy and somehow look right or they are loose and comfy. The shawl is gorgeous – I’ve had my eye on that pattern for a while…. someday I like to think I’ll knit it!

  4. Hey yo look pretty cute with that bump in all the dresses, Jenn. (even the last one, I kind of like it in a funky way, but maybe not for the weddings).
    We found out last night , another Wed night SnB’er is having as baby, lots of good news going around NH!

  5. Are you kidding me?! I love flapper dresses! They are not for everyone though. And you have to have the hair to go with it too. The plain silvery/purple one is my fave. I was just at H&M the other day and couldn’t find any long dresses. 😦

  6. LOL – I have to admit – I *have* a flapper dress. All black, though – and I also admit that haven’t worn it since 1992 or so.

    That long smoky one is my favorite – gotta love those empire waists for before and after pregnancy!

  7. Hooray for the belly! It suits you! And, might I say, you look even better than you did around your wedding? I think I can say that. I am particularly biased toward polka dots and I also like the long H&M… It would be hard for me to choose a fave! Good job, bargain shopper.

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