Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Man, it has been awhile.  That was three and half weeks ago when I went to Maryland!  Where has the time go?

Well, I know where it went – I’ve been busy doing other things than blogging!  Bad jennsquared.  Well, without futher ado, let me give you the round down…

I took a train down to Washington DC Union station after work.  This is the second time I took Amtrak and I have to say I really like it – better than flying!  The first time was my FIRST Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and I rode it to Baltimore that time.  I rode in the food cart that time with a table to put my pattern on and spead out.  This time, I got into a quiet cart, which was pretty cool!  I liked it so much I made sure I got a seat in the quiet cart again on the way home.  I put on my headphones with some audiobooks on my ipod and went to town with knitting.

The ride was about four and a half hours, or maybe five, I can’t recall now.  But I just remember it being really pleasant.  Sneaksleep, whom I haven’t seen since the wedding, came to pick me up, and we went to a Sushi place for some really really late dinner.  It was the first time I had sushi since the sticks laughed at me.  It was SOOO GOOD!  Don’t worry, I only had cooked eel and veggie sushi.  After dinner, we went back to her place, stayed up till 1am to chit chat and catch up.  Olny when we saw the digital clock on her TV did we realize that we gotta go to bed so we can get up early to the festival!

We got up early enough to have breakfast at home and went to pick up Sneaksleep’s friend S from the train station.  We got to the festival itself around noon.  We saw some people already leaving!!!!  AND!  People who had made multiple trips to their cars!  But no fear, this festival is so big, there is something for everyone!  Here is my loot from two days of shopping:



What you see is one skein of Brooks Farm Solana in sage, the world’s softest superwash wool, ever!  One half cone of Llamajama Alpaca Merino Wool, which is equivalent of 5 skeins of yarn, all that for $30!!!! (usually $75!!!)  Yup, couldn’t have let that pass, plus it’s super soft!  Then, 10 skeins of Fiddlesticks Ecoknits Organic Cotton, 5 in cream and 5 in olive.  These yarn were grow with the color!!!  Not dyed!  Isn’t that cool?  AND!  At $3.25 a skein, it was a baaah-gain!  Perfect yarn for my little perfect devil that will be joining our family.  I liked it so much I convinced Sneaksleep to get some!  And I told her I would buy them off her if she changes her mind! 🙂   What’s not pictured is a Fiber Trends Estonian Lullaby Baby Blanket for half price, and 1.5 oz of CORMO roving from The Clearing at Curry Farm for some thrummed mittens.

Not too bad for two days of yarn fumes, right?  Oh, see that pair of mittens?  Yes, I know I can make them, but on Sunday, it RAINED AND RAINED AND RAINED.  I was COOOOOOOOLD!  So I bought these for 13 bucks!  And they are 100% Alpaca!  Oh, and a tube of lotion.  I tried it out while I was at the festival on Saturday, and when I rubbed on my hand, my first thought was – yeww…  this is kind of sticky.  I’m not sure I like that.  After all is rubbed in, and half an hour later, while I was picking up my cone of yarn, I noticed how soft my hand was.  And by the end of the day, I was super impressed.  Because after going to the bathroom 3 times, and washing my hands all day after bathroom breaks and animals, my hands were still super moisturized and soft!  I HAD to go back and get a tube.  Of course, it is no where near my camera today, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Oh, you want to see some animals?  I suppose…





Sneaksleep’s mom had joined us on Saturday, so we went to PF Chang’s for dinner at Columbia after the festival.  It was finger licking good! 🙂

We got back late and shortly, S went to bed while Sneaksleep and I went up to the guest room and play with more yarn and look at yarn books.  She pulled out some yarn she got at a small festival in Virginia and her cat Ivy immediately decided to make a bed out of one.  So much so that she ended up sleeping in the same bed as me!  Which is UNHEARD of!

Sunday we made the trip back up for more shopping.  Due to the rain, there were much less people there.  We had a good time anyways and got some goodies in bargain prices because of the low turn out.

We sadly said goodbye to the festival at 1pm.  Until next year, I leave you with this I saw at the festival…



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