I Hate Vines!

NOTE:  If you like climbing plants and any vines, this post is NOT for you.  You should terminate this page immediately.   Oh, and for those only like PG-13 anything, there is swearing involved, so cover your eyes as well.






So all the vines loving peeps are gone?  Good. 

Let me just get this out of my system:  


Phew…  that felt good.

The lady who used to own our house must LOVE vines.  We had all sorts of climbing plants that gets into everything – other plants, windows, doors, roof, drain systems… you name it, they are there.  I understand why she planted them – it provided cover for the ugly meters in the front of the house, and to balance the house (it’s a colonial, everything is very symmertical) she planted another one on the other side.  Another one was added by where the 6 ft wire-fence meet the house becuase it was just bare and weird without it.  I give her A+ for intention, but a BIG FAT F for planting strategy.  All the locations of the vines are so close to the house that the roots dig into the fundation of the house!  WHO DOES THAT?   And they climb on the walls and get into the sidings, windows and everything they can get in.  Again, WHO DOES THAT?

So this is my philosophy – vines = weeds.  I see them, I cut them off.  I will do anything to kill them, however, they never die.  Any suggestions out there?  They also get into my peonies, hastas, hydrangeas and few other plants.  They take over and prohibit the other plants to grow.  Can you now see how serious this problem is?  So any suggestions are welcome!

Oh, and see what I found in the backyard:


Can anyone tell me what this is?  It smells great!  My initial thought was a lilac tree, but then I’m not sure. 

Here is another tree:


I think they are the same, but then again, I’m not sure.  This one is next to the peach tree.  Oh yeah, according all the peach pits on the ground, I think we have a peach tree.  I’ll have to investigate further on that.

So anyone tell me what those are? 

One more thing – can anyone suggest when is a good time to split hastas?  My hastas up front gets partial sun and they had at least quadrupled since we moved here and I think it’s time to split them.  But I’m not sure when it’s a good time to do that.  I’ll be doing some internet search, but any experience garderner advices are welcome!


5 thoughts on “I Hate Vines!

  1. Go to Lowe’s (or any garden center) and buy cut vine and stump killer. If you put that ona fresh cut, it will soak in down to the roots and kill the plant. it’s not instantaneous, but will work.

  2. Jen, so sorry about the vines… my suggestion.. cut them back as far as you can to the ‘source’ root bunch and if you can dig it up, if not, spray it to death with killer of some sort… it might take a while to kill it… so trimming down to the roots is probably the best start…

    The trees aren’t lilacs.. I think they are flowering cherries (this is the right time of year for them)… 🙂


  3. I’m with the other two commenters…you have to get rid of them at their roots. We usually end of doing that with a reciprocating saw if we can’t dig them out. Works just as well.

    My guess on the tree is either a cherry tree or a crabapple tree. It looks a lot like the crabapple tree that grows at my parent’s house.

  4. I am pretty sure I wrote a blog post with the same title as yours either last year or the year before. I have a grape vine (wild) that I have been trying to kill for 12 years now, plus these horrid spiky bindweed things, virginia creeper, something with pointy leaves that isn’t poison ivy but won’t die, AND lovely honeysuckle that has decided to reproduce in places where I do not want it. That is in a tiny suburban back yard. AAAAAACK.

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