Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival

Ahhh…  It feels so nice that the fiber festival is now officially ON.  I have never been to this particular festival even though it is the closest one to me.  But I was free, plus I need to front load my fiber festivals this year since I wouldn’t be able to go to Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and Wool) and Stitches East (at Hartford this year!!!!) due to them being so close to my due date.  (For those non-fiber obssessed folks, NYS&W is a fairly large festival in Octorber and Stitches East is like a GIANT yarn market in the east coast, and every year it is in a different location.  This year, it is in Hartford, CT).

Archiknist and I make our way up to CTS&W around 12:30.  It is a fairly small festival compare to Rhinebeck or MDS&W (for the non-fiber obessesed folks, those two are probably couple of largest festivals in the east coast if not the country).  It has total of 3 barns and a few dozen vendors.  Here are the few items I took home with:


A skein of Angora and Alpaca blend in cream (natural, no dye) from Cobblerock Ridge Farm.  They had some luscious roving that I so wanted to take home with, but I don’t have a wheel yet so there is no reason for me to do that.

The two bar of soaps from Sleepy Moon Soaps at Baily Farm were a great find before we left the festival.  I got two buttermilk soap, one is Clementine Lavendar, which is a great citrus based smell soap, and the other is Honeysuckle blossom, which is totally floral, but clean.  They smell so good I consider taking a shower immediately after I got home!

The last thing I came home with is the WPI gauge.  It is locally designed and beautifully crafted.  I bought a generic one when I visited New Hampshire, but unfortunately, Vanilla chewed it up pretty good and I think she also ate a chunk of it since it is missing.  Let me tell you, the things that girl gets into…  I don’t know how she is not sick!  Anyways, I didn’t even get a chance to use my WPI gauge!  So now I bought this one, and it is nicely tucked away in the knitting drawer.

We also saw a sheep ran away from the fence!  It jumped over and ran so fast I didn’t have any time to react to take a photo!  That was pretty cool and fun to see, for me anyways, I’m sure the Border Collie that lost the sheep didn’t find it amusing at all.  And that all happened while we were observing some bobbin lace in action!



That looks so complicated but the lady make it look as easy as drinking a glass of water!!!

We also run into a bunch of SnB girls:  Sunflowerfairy, Gale, editorgrrl, nutmegknitter and her friend theaterknitter, Cathy, missalicefaye, Whining Procrastinator and her sweetheart, and few others.

It was so great to see some of the people I haven’t seen since I don’t go to Wednesday SnB anymore.  And it was also so great to see that Sunflowerfairy is feeling better and Whining Procrastinator is out and about.

So that was my adventure for today.  Oh!  And it was HOT up there!  91 degrees to be exact – at least that’s what my car said.  And it felt liked it too!

Now, that’s one festival done, lots of them to go!  MDS&W next week!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival

  1. Man! I wish I could have gone. Instead, I spent most of my day shopping for a new side door and bedroom window at Home Depot and Lowes. 😦

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