DUDE! I Have A Bump!

snc00032See!  The weird thing is, it just all of the sudden showed up!!

Well, alright.  It didn’t JUST show up.  But I JUST noticed it big time.

We had the first trimester genetic screening last Thursday and everything came back NORMAL! 🙂  We are super excited, of course.  Oh, and we came home with some cool sonograms again.


12 weeks 4 days!

12 weeks 4 days!

Can you see the baby's face?

Can you see the baby's face?

Isn’t that cool?

Well, we still haven’t figure out if we want to find out the gender yet.  I just can’t make up my mind!  But that’s okay, we got a few more weeks to decide!

Well, we are off to the Red Sox vs. Orioles game at Fenway!  Look for us on the Green Monster!!!!!


9 thoughts on “DUDE! I Have A Bump!

  1. What a cute bump! The baby looks cute in the sonogram. I didn’t need a test to tell me that Garren was a boy. Do you have a feeling of what it is?

  2. Congratulations!!!!! I haven’t been reading blogs much lately due to personal tragedy month last month, but I noticed you faving tons of baby stuff on Ravelry lately and got really suspicious 😉 That’s so awesome!! I’m really happy for both of you and can’t wait to hear more. Your bump is so cute!

  3. OMG, I can’t wait to see your bump! As to whether or not you want to find out the gender, I guess it depends on your and D’s personalities. Personally I think I would prefer to be surprised, but everybody’s different.

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