A Night With the Girls

Wow…  It’s been a little while, huh?  I went from writing a post everyday to not blogging at all!  Oh boy.  And it’s not like I got nothing to say either!!!

Instead of dumping all that happened in one post, I’ll break it up to bits and pieces.  And why not start with a fun date with my SnB girls?

CostumeChick works at a theater and had told us awhile ago a show they are putting on – Bad Dates.  (And here is a review from NYT from when it’s an off Broadway show, although the main character isn’t played by Julie White)  With the title sounding so funny, I asked her to elaborate a bit and decided that it would be a completely fun show to see with the girls.

Archiknist, Anphoe, CostumeChick, HedwigBC, WifeMomKnitter, YankeeL and I met up after work Friday at Greek Olive for some delicious dinner before the show.  I ordered the appertizer platter, which included hummus with pita bread, Greek olives, roasted peppers, stuffed grape leaves and falafel!  YUM.  It was so good.  Archiknist and WifeMomKnitter actually ordered the Greek Olive Wrap, which is a falafel wrap and that looked amazing too!  I wanted to go back already!  (mouth watering just thinking about it!)

We then head into the show after some awesome food.  This is when CostumeChick parted us and went to the Costume Shop to work on the next show, while we enjoyed an awesome “chick flick” play.

The play is set in Haley’s apartment in NYC, where she tells us her story of series bad dates after not being in the dateing scene for many years.  She started off by telling us the shoes she’s got and the stories behind each pair.  We learned quickly she has a teenage daughter and a brother, who she talks on the phone quite a bit.

I don’t want to spoil it if you want to see it.  It is definitely a fun play and I highly recommend it!


Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about a dish I made with the Tajine Project.  (Scroll down to the second post to see the details!) Stay tuned!


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