Measureing…  Measureing… All Done!

If you own a Wii Fit, you would know exactly what I’m talking about.

There have been some other things happening in the house that prevented us playing the fit.  Today is our second day and I decided that I want to try for 30 mins.  The first time I played, my fit age was 34, which is kinda sad since my real age is 29, but today, it measures the same! 🙂  YAY!

I started with all the yoga poses, then move into the strength training.  According to the fit, I’m a Yoga Trainer and a Body Builder!  HA!  By the end of all the strength training exercises, my legs were like jello!  But I couldn’t not do some fun games, so I went to my favorite – Ski Jump.  My best single jump was 180m!!!  Although I’m still behind David on overall jumps.  He’s got 335m!!!  

I also uncover a new balance game, which is my Mii in a bubble traveling down water.  Can’t hit the sides of the shore as that terminates the game.  It was fun, but I still haven’t successfully complete the whole trip.

I’m gonna try to play a bit for each day.

Do you have a Wii Fit?  What games have you uncovered that you are having fun with?


3 thoughts on “Measureing…

  1. Wii would like to play 🙂 You should set your Mii to travel and then your Miis and my Miis could visit – they show up in the background while you play!

    Anyway, that bubble game is hard! I recently unlocked the penguin slide and I really like that one! There’s a snowboarding one too – that’s tricky. I kind of like the boxing one – Dan’s favorite is the soccer one – I always try to dodge the balls instead of hitting them!

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