Nai Nai’s Fried Pork Chop

In Chinese, we call our parternal grandmother “Nai Nai”.

Well, my Nai Nai has a lot of traditional recipes that I love, but don’t know how to make.  But there is one that my brother learned from her, then taught me when he moved in with me.


See that pork chop!?  Crispy on the outside, tendor and juicy on the inside.

Nai Nai’s Fried Pork Chop

  • Pork chop, bone in or bone out, up to you
  • Some Sweet Potato Starch, Thick powder (there is a thin kind too)
  • Some Soy Sauce
  • Vegetable Oil, Canola Oil or Peanut Oil for pan frying

Take the pork chop and leave it on the counter for a little while so it’s not completely cold when you fry it.

Heat the oil in a pan until hot, but not smoking.

While waiting for the oil to be hot, take the pork chop and soak them in the soy sauce.  About a minute on each side to ensure it actually get into the pork chop.  If not all of them fit in the container where you put the soy sauce, then do them in batches.

After the soy sauce dredge, coat them evenly with the sweet potato starch.  You can season the starch with ground pepper or paprika, but I wouldn’t put any salt, since the soy sauce should give you enough saltiness.

Pan fry the chops until done.  Depending on the thickness of your chop, you may have to adjust the amount of time frying.

My brother and I love eating the chops with white rice and a side of veggie.  But you can certainly eat it with mashed potatoes or whatever you desire.

If you ever try this recipe, please let me know how you like it!

PS.  You can purchase the sweet potato starch from any Chinese Grocer near you.


4 thoughts on “Nai Nai’s Fried Pork Chop

  1. Thank you for the postscript, Jenn. I was going to ask you where you would get potato starch!

    Those pork chops look really good. I wish my DH liked pork chops! 😦

  2. Oh man, that looks SO yums! My mouth is watering….. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I don’t know when, but I will definitely want to try this one 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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