New Hampshire

What an interesting trip!  We arrived at Waterville Valley for the Regional Ski races Friday night late, so we didn’t do anything fun.  But Saturday and Sunday was full of knitting and such for me, while David is with the ski teams.

I started my Saturday late, 5 hours later than David.  I was hungry and asked for some advice on where to go, and I was pointed to the Coffee Emporium.  I ordered a Caramel Hot Chocolate and Stuffed Bagel with Jalapeno Cheese and Mushroom.


Doesn’t that look good!?  The place was PACKED!  For good reason of course!

After my very full filling breakfast, I set out to find Patternworks.  I’ve always wanted to visit the place, but being in the middle of New Hampshire, it is hard to take a trip.  It turns out it is only about 45 minutes away from where we were.





And that’s just some view of the store.  The store is huge!  and packed!  It’s got different rooms full of yarn!  Although I think it may still be smaller than WEBS.  It’s hard to judge since the layout is so different.  I chatted with the nice ladies there and bought some buttons and a tool I’ve been wanting for awhile.


Those buttons and the ear wires are on sale for almost nothing!  It was a great find.

I’ve got back to where we were staying about the same time David got back.  We were hungry and took a walk to the town square (a little gathering place by the resort area) and went to a little mexican food take out place for dinner.



Don’t they look good?  I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture before I bite into the giant burrito I got.  David’s chili was a bit more tomato-y than we both liked, which was a let down, but the rest was absolutely delicious and inexpensive!  I was surprised at the prices for being a ski resort place.

After dinner, we decided to walk around at all the shops and wait for the fireworks.  While we were browsing through the the country store, we came upon this:



Yup.  It says Bitch.  And I have no idea why.  It is fun to look at though.

The fireworks was pretty but hard to capture.  We tried.


We passed out rather quickly after we got back to our room, despite the fact that I only woke up less than 12 hours ago, but apparently, I was tired.

Sunday was a lot less eventual.  I got up around 8, and was planning on going to Inspired 2 Knit & Tea, but due to the fat flakes of snow coming down from the sky rather rapidly, I decided to stay local.  I went back to Coffee Emporium and ordered the same breakfast, but enjoyed a cup of Chinese Flower Green Tea this time, and knitted.


That is Icarus in progress.  So far, it is a super fast knit and I’m really enjoying it.  I have since made more progress though, since after I left Coffee Emporium, I went and sat in the lounge of the place we were staying and watched NCIS marathon and knitted some more.

David got out at a reasonable time, and on the way home, we stopped at Inspired 2 Knit and Tea right before it closed.  The owner was super nice and knowledgable on recent trends.  Even though I have said that I’m on a yarn diet, I went away with some local spun and tea:


That’s three skeins (750 yards total) of 100% Shetland Wool by McGinnis Brook Farm, from the sheep Lola.  I already have a plan for it.  I think it will become one fo those pretty doily blankets.  The tea is Notting Hall Peaches Supreme.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I may break it out tonight.

The drive on the way home, however, was quite interesting.  The snow didn’t stop and it just kept on going.  Until we got to MA.  It became little snow, then turned into rain when it cross the CT border.  Needless to say, we were home safely.

So did you do something fun this weekend?


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