mmm… Chili…

Ever since I saw a chili episode of Good Eats, I’ve been thinking about it.  Today, I decided it was time to make it.


I read some of the comments left and decided to made the following changes:

  • I only had beef stew meat and not wanting to buy more food while we had a bunch, I only used the beef stew meat.
  • I only used 1 chipotle pepper and I scraped the seeds out since David doesn’t really like spicy food.
  • Instead of using the tortilla chips, which according to a lot of commenters, made the chili really salty.  I took a suggestion from one of the commenters and cut up corn tortilla and toasted them in the oven like making chips.
  • The chili I made has no beer.  Instead, I used a can of diet root beer!  Another commenter’s tip!!!! 🙂

It was delicious!  My brother made rice to go with it.  Yum.  David said I can make it again, which is always a good sign.

If you are looking for a good meat chili, try this one!


2 thoughts on “mmm… Chili…

  1. Chili is a great hearty meal. I’ve never put Root Beer in my chili. I’ll have to try it sometime. If your’re looking for a different way to make it, I’ve got a great Chicken Chili with Garlic recipe.

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