Happy Valentine’s Day

Are you having a good day?  It is beautiful out with no wind. 

David and I decided to take a drive towards Clinton to a) bring my wedding gown back to the bridal store to be cleaned and b) to go to the outlet and have the store where he bought a belt to take off the alarm lock thing.  We bought the belt awhile ago but he couldn’t use it because the lady who checked us out forgot to take off the lock thingy.

We stopped at a diner to have breakfast on the way there.  And on the way back, we stopped at a used/rare bookstore that I’ve seen everytime I drove to Clinton.  I found this book:


They don’t have much of craft section, but I’m glad I looked anyways. 🙂

When we got home, there was a package waiting for me, and in it contained these:


My cocoa swap package!!!  Look at Wilbur!!!  Isn’t he cute?  I love the wings.  And you can’t read the cocoa, but it says “Chili and Spice”!  Can’t wait to get some milk and try it!  Of course I already opened the chocolate and started indulging :).  Also included in the package are DP Needle Tube for me to store the DPNs, a skein of Malabrigo in Purple Magic, and a beautiful mug.

Thank you riizu!

So our plan is going to a hibachi dinner tonight.  And then maybe to a movie.  Any of you have plans??


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