The Gift Post

This post is dedicated to all the gifts I received but haven’t blogged about.

I’ll start by the most recent – Flowers.


I got this bouquet today at work!  Doesn’t the white calla and red roses striking together?  I love it.  And the best part is the card.  It says “Look Flowers!!!”  So very much coming from David.  And even though we don’t usually celebrate valentine’s day, he had made a reservation for us to go for Habachi tomorrow!!!  I am very excited!

And when David picked me up after work, he handed me this:


It’s a wedding gift from a friend and his wife who couldn’t attend our wedding.  It’s a Waterford vase!  So sparkly and pretty!  I don’t think I’ve ever own anything Waterford!  Now I have to find a special place for it.

When we got home, this was in the mail:


I won this from Littleput Book awhile back and I got it in the mail today.  It is rather cute and I think I’m going to bring it to work and display it on my desk.

After the excitment die down a little from everything I’ve received, I checked my email and Raverly, and saw that my cocoa swap pal PonyKnit had received the package I put together for her, which is super fast as I just mailed it!!!


I took a picture before I mail it out.  Of course, you all met Sleepy before, and you’ve seen my lavender sack invention.  My pal had mentioned that she doesn’t have a yarn cutter and she’s willing to try other’s favorite cocoa, so I added in some of the Land O Lake cocoa packs, since they are my favorite.  The yarn is Schaefer Yarn Heather, which is an amazing  yarn that I love.  And the Munson chocolate twist is just amazing.  I bought a bag for myself and I ate it in an hour…  Munson is the CT chocolate shop and I thought a little of CT for my new pal is only fitting.

I’ve also gotten this from my friend C last week:


I had a great time reading all the days I missed and having a good laugh.

Oh, and my flying piggie:


Isn’t he cute!?  CostumeChick got it for my birthday and I forgot to blog about it for awhile now!!!  Thanks Lady!

Well, not all the gifts are for me…  Look at how amazing knitters are:


Sikorsky now has a Knit Hawk, and no I didn’t start it.  But the Knit Hawk has decided to do a hat drive for the Arkansa Children’s Hospital (ACH, they uses Sikorsky medical helicopters).  I emailed a few SnB members, and 15 hats showed up in a week!!!  Have I mention I love my bitches!? 🙂

Phew.  I think that’s it.  If I’m missing anything, that will probably be another post.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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