Bye Bye Jamie Lee

It took me longer than I’ve liked, but I finally “finished” Jamie Lee v. 2.  It is enroute to Schaefer Yarn as we speak.  But before she left, I took a picture for all to view:


I’ve only completed till under arm split.  The rest will be completed by Laura with cap sleeves!  I can’t wait to see what it looks like.  I’m actually really excited with the new cap sleeves and I may just make another one, but for myself!

I think I’m going to make something for myself next.  Maybe a hat?


One thought on “Bye Bye Jamie Lee

  1. Hi there! I can’t seem to find your email, so I figured I’d comment here instead. I received your awesome package last night and I just wanted to say thanks for such a thoughtful and awesome package. Sleepy is doing well, he decided to nap today while I was at work. He is soo cute! 😉 Could you send me your Rav and/or email?


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