Vermont Story Continues…

You can read the first half of the Vermont story here.

After consulting with M, we decided to stay and take our time in Woodstock and do what we were set out to do – shop.  We started out at “Who is Sylvia?” – a vintage clothing store.  It has the most amount of vintage hats I’ve ever seen in one place!  It also have many coats, clothes, shoes, quilts, jewelry, lace trims, collars, gloves and buttons.  We had a lot of fun trying out hats and I left with these:


A maple brooch, some hankies and lace trims.  The lace trims were 10 cents per yard!  I love it!  I used the hankies and lace trim to make this:


Lavender pouch for the clothing drawers!  Or yarn storage containers!  So easy!  Just pour some dry lavender flowers in the hanky, gather the top and tie it up with a ribbon.  Make sure you tie a dead knot before making the bow, so the tie doesn’t come apart too easy.

Hankies are perfect for this job – especially pretty old ones.  Unless you still use them for what they are intended for, then this would be a great project for your house.  Think about it – the fabric that hankies are made out of are breathable, light and are usually really pretty.  The size of it is also perfect for the little pouch for a drawer.  And you can do this for almost nothing!  Go to a vintage clothing store, you can easily score a hanky for a dollar or less.  Of course, you don’t have to fill it with only lavender.  I’m thinking of trying lavender AND rosemary! 

Then we went to a few clothing store, but didn’t buy anything.  I of course went to the yarn store again but didn’t buy anything this time!  I was good at restraining myself.

After the shopping, we drove up the mountain.  We were, of course, too late.  But we did see some people still in their costumes, and we saw some pictures of the team in their costumes.   Second race was cancelled and we left shortly after.   We joined the rest of the coaches/spouces for an early dinner.  Although, that won’t be the last time we see them for the year – we are going to Regionals in a couple of weeks.  And don’t worry, I already found a yarn store near it.


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