We now take a break from the Vermont story for some Cocoa Swap weekly question:

As we head into those doldrum parts of the Winter season (thank you very much Puxatawney Phil for seeing your shadow yet again)…  It makes you dream of the seasons you love…  What is your favorite season?  What do you love most about that season?  and… What is your favorite thing to do NOW to  keep you from stressing about MORE winter to go?


I love the color changes, and the coolness just right after the crazy hotness of the summer.  It is romantic and beautiful.  Plus, I was married in Autume!

Nuf Said.


2 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Autumn is actually my favorite as well.. right now I’m just really missing Summer 😉 I love Autumn for the cooler temps, sweatshirts and jeans weather, and of course the colors… we too were married in Autumn! (and we were married in upstate NY… (Geneva was where our reception was on Seneca Lake) 🙂

  2. Another vote for autumn. I love the leaves on the trees and the relative lack of allergens in the air (I live in the allergy capital of Our Earth I think). I am looking forward to spring by sitting outside on new patio furniture, even if it really isn’t all that warm yet. However, I saw a plum tree blooming yesterday. Spring comes early in Texas.

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