Is It Spring Yet?

The weather today was amazing.  Although, it poured first thing in the morning in Vermont, but you know what that means – not cold enough to snow!  HA!

The team got up to the mountain bright and early, while I, and M, one of the kids from the team who hurt her knee, slept in in the motel.  We left around 9am and head towards Woodstock.  When we got there, the town was still sleeping!  Nothing was opened till 11am!!!  So what are two hungry girls to do?  Eat, of course!  We saw this little hall in the wall place that has the sign “homemade ice cream” and decided to check it out (there were people by the windows, always a good sign).  The little place is PACKED!  I guess the rain really threw people’s plans off!  Even the servers were confused!

We sat on the counter, ordered some tea, and waited patiently for our bagels.  Mine was, you ready? Chedder Bagel with Apples!  I didn’t know what to expect, until this showed up:


Doesn’t that look absolutely amazing?  It certainly tasted amazing!

While eating breakfast, we got the news that the races aren’t going to start till 10:30, which is way late!  And they weren’t sure if there is going to be a second race due to weather (it was still raining up on the mountains, and then it turned snow!) so the teams are going out with the costumes on first race.  Bummer.  It means that we wouldn’t be able to get there in time to watch all the different costumes.  Even if we did, we would be standing in the rain/snow combo which wouldn’t be good anyways…


… To Be Continued Tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Is It Spring Yet?

  1. YUM!!! (I’ve been craving cheese since I made some very unsatisfactory mac & cheese for dinner last night, so it’s no surprise that that looks good to me!)


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