The Super Bowl Day

I went to bed “early” for a Saturday just so I can get up early enough to pick up Archknist, CostumeChick, BackstageKnits and hedwigbc for the yarn sale before going to PeacefulKnitter‘s party.

We met up with Anphoe, and later on Jessie, Suzy, Sunflowerfairy, Marla, and Beth showed up as well.  The Yarn Garden was having a 40% off sale and I just really wanted to buy more yarn.  BUT!  I stuck with my promise, and only bought stuff for the project.  And here is what I came home with:


Yup.  I bought two buttons!  They didn’t have the yarn I want for the project, so I didn’t get any!!!  I was so proud of myself.   But I did come home with some leftover swap yarn:


Two balls of Jaeger Alpaka Pur in light purple, one wound skein of Malabrigo Worsted in red, and two wound skeins of Handpainted Yarn  lace weight in Lago del Bosque (blue, green and yellow).

I already slated the Malabrigo to be Foliage.  It is perfect!  Actually, I can’t believe someone actually wanted swap Malabrigo, but maybe red isn’t her color.  I’ll have to come up with some use for the other two.

The party was a success and there was a “do you know your fiber” game, which basically you go and feel the fiber in the bag, but no looking, and guess what type of the fiber is.  It is fun and harder than it looks.  And, there was drawing for door prizes for showing up.  Eeveryone in the car got something!  I got a Bath and Body Works body lotion (dancing waters is the scent), which I left in the car without any photographic evidence.

Oh yeah.  We had so much fun.  And there was so much food!  Yum.  The quiche went almost instantly, which was awesome.  I would totally make it again!

So did you have a good Super Bowl Sunday?

Edit to add:  Photos from the party curtesy of Anphoe!


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