The Winter Blahs…

I don’t consider myself to have winter blahs, but lately, it’s just kinda bleh…  I think it’s because my living room is a mess, and tomorrow, we will have our yet another snow storm.

Living on the coast usually means that we get snow in the amount that’s melt-able, or we get wintry mix, which resulting not much of accumlation, but this year, it has been fluffy white stuff, one after another.  Don’t get me run, snow is pretty to look at, and it really isn’t all that difficult to drive in, if you know how to drive.  You would think that people who reside in Connecticut should have been used to driving in snow since we are in the New England, but nope, bunch of people gets panic but still decide to drive, and rather badly.

K.  Enough on the grumbling.

On a better note, I started making this for my cocoa swap pal.  Isn’t he cute?  Any name suggestions???


3 thoughts on “The Winter Blahs…

  1. I feel your pain. This year we’ve been getting snow that they have been predicting for inland CT as opposed to the shoreline. Last year it was the opposite.

  2. Hey don’t knock the people that can’t drive in the snow! 😛 Sometimes we have no choice. (Like when your wonderful employer decides not to close or even have a delay) Luckily Joe and I drive in together and he’s a better snow driver than I am.

  3. Hi there! Just a heads-up that your package is coming along nicely! I finished your buddy last week, I have your yarn, and have just a few more items that I’m waiting to arrive, and you’re package will be ready to send.

    It’s too bad the snow is getting you down… we’ve been in the middle of a cold-snap, with crazy snow. But that’s the only hint you’re getting! Have a great day, and happy knitting!

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